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Why Hair Salon Owners Miss Out On Clients

It’s a known fact that hair salon owners try hard to win clients but what if they were losing them for two simple reasons? We have pinned a couple of reasons most stylists think could be pivotal in retaining a healthy clientele and without them it always drives clients away. Here are a few tricks our experts at GKhair have identified that keep your guests happy and coming back.

  1. Cheating the Shampoo

Shampoos are the most important and the most anticipated part a client has to experience at salon. Don’t be guilty of using random drugstore brands or not using shampoo at all. It is important to have a systematic approach to your shampoos and if you ever lag behind, never cut the service short. You have to find a way to make up for the time lost.

Always remember that it’s the stylists who can differentiate between a great bob and a good bob—not the clients. It is observed that the clients always notice a good shampoo experience and they would definitely know if the shampoo isn’t a good experience.

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  1. You’re Making Them Wait

As a Hair Salon Owner, you should know that your valuable clients never like to wait. It is because of the fact that they often wait for longer periods of time than you might know or think. They wait on the phone while making an appointment, they wait for their turn when they get to salon and above all while having services (especially if it’s a long color service) they wait.

It’s a common goal, setting yourself up for the glory. The whole staff need to work together in scheduling the clients correctly. You are the best judge, if you think you are consuming more time on color service then anticipated, you need quickly grasp on getting back on track. Get a hand from your fellow colleagues and explain it to your clients that two stylists working on opposite sides of the head will get the job done faster. This way you can reduce the processing time with more consistency.

Always remember the universal truth “being busy doesn’t always mean you’re good at doing what you are doing”. If your staff is busy, it’s a good thing but being that much busy and on schedule is a bad thing. Stylists should never say, ‘I am so busy no one can get in with me.’

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