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What is Juvexin?

Juvexin is the latest innovation in hair technology, a revolutionary find in the hair care industry. Started with keratin, and then evolved to Juvexin. Using an environmentally friendly process, Juvexin is acquired from pristine sheep wool. Juvexin is no doubt the most creative innovation in the past 50 years in the hair industry. The properties found in Juvexin help restore hair to their original state, while providing protection and vibrancy.


After heavy research and a promise to deliver innovation, GKhair introduced Juvexin in January 2011 in their hair care range, the first and only company to develop products with the benefits of Juvexin.

Juvexin is a keratin anti-aging protein blend that penetrate through the hair strands reducing stiffness and at the same time restoring hair to a younger and more vibrant state while conditioning and moisturizing them, it’s like a fountain of youth for your hair and works on even the most over treated or damaged hair. Not only does it restore hair strength and reduce friction, it also protects hair against damage from heat, pollution or harsh sunlight leaving hair healthier and stronger and less prone to breakage. Juvexin is infused in each and every one of GKhair care products all over the world.

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