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What is a Purple Shampoo & How to Use it?

GKhair-Purple-Shampoo-how-to-use-itOrange and yellow tones are the nemesis of your blonde bombshell look. The bright vibrantly blonde hair color achieved after bleaching out all the warm tones is truly a sight of beauty. However, such rich cool tones can quickly get tarnished from brassiness or lose their luster and look a bit dull, especially if the hair is not maintained timely and properly.

The solution to this is a simple one – a moisturizing purple shampoo. To prolong the cool tones in your hair, using a purple shampoo like GKhair’s Silver Bombshell Shampoo is an absolute necessity for natural or colored blondes to maintain the blonde brilliance.

So what is a Purple Shampoo?

The purple shampoo is a kind of shampoo that has blue, purple or violet pigment in its shampoo formula. Most shampoos for blonde hair have purple pigment in the hair because it is effective in neutralizing unwanted orange and yellowish tones in the hair. To understand the science behind the application of purple pigment we will have to reference a Basic Color Wheel.


If you can recall, yellow is locked opposite purple on the Color Wheel, which means that to neutralize the yellow hues, you’d color them with purple ones. When purple shampoo is applied our hair absorbs some of the purple pigment, which cancels out red and yellow undertones; ultimately making the blue undertones higher. So in essence, it basically brightens up the blonde color in the hair; thus restoring the hair to its former cooler tone.


How to use the Purple Shampoo?

The most effective way of using purple shampoo would begin by rinsing the hair with warm water. This would cause the hair shaft to expand, which would allow better depositing of the purple pigment. Apply the shampoo liberally and let it settle for 2-3 minutes, or more depending on how much you want to brighten the blonde in the hair. Afterward, rinse the hair with cold water. This would allow the hair shaft to close; thus sealing color. It is recommended to use GKhair’s Silver Bombshell Shampoo up to 3 times a week, alternating with another GKhair Moisturizing or Color Protection Shampoo.

How to achieve the Perfect Bombshell Blonde?

The Silver Bombshell Shampoo by GKhair effectively removes all orange and yellowish tones from the hair. So, whether you are looking to illuminate your highlights, bring shine to naturally blonde hair or remove brassy tones from those platinum blonde tresses; the Silver Bombshell Shampoo is a popular choice by demand.

Fortified with Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for the hair, the Silver Bombshell Shampoo also contains vitamins B5; which has been formulated to mend and heal damaged hair and prevent against split ends. To promote health of the hair, the GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo does not contain sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, DEA, TEA, petrolatum or paraffin.

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