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Toss Out Sulfate – 5 Reasons To Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are creating a lot of buzz these days. More and more people are taking into consideration the ingredients of what goes on their hair. Some commercial consumer care products even claim to not use sulfates. But, what exactly are these sulfates and why are people avoiding them?

The Science Behind Sulfates:
Added to a variety of products such as body soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc., sulfates are synthetic ingredients that are derived from vegetable or mineral sources. These are powerful detergents acting as surfactants (able to mix oil and water together), creating foam and lather, and rinsing off the grease and any oily residue that may be present.

Sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are used in products to sliver the natural oils from body in order to give a cleaning effect. Virtually, all commercial care products contain sulfates for the cleansing effects but many of their side effects have raised concerns due to the health and environment hazards. Therefore, more and more customers are choosing for sulfate-free options. Here are some good reasons to use sulfate-free shampoos:

sulfate-free produts

1 –Reduce Chances Of Developing Irritation Or Inflammation

We all know that sulfates have irritant properties. Even they are used to irritate skin clinically in order to check the soothing effect of different compounds. If you have dandruff or sensitive scalp that can easily be itchy, sulfate-free shampoo is your best bet to limit inflammation and restore your scalp’s pH balance.

2 –Increase Natural Hair Oils Retention

Due to their detergent and drying qualities, sulfates are used in personal care products. Therefore, shampoos with sulfates remove sebum from hair leading to a “squeaky clean” sensation. This cleansing results in scalp producing more sebum and a vicious cycle begins to wash hair more frequently as hair becomes greasy quickly.

On the contrary sulfate-free shampoo act mildly leaving behind some natural oils in the hair thus leading to shiny soft shafts. Though sulfate- free shampoos work wonderfully with all hair types but they work best for the curly and wavy hair that need hydration to look great.

 3 –Gentle For The Eyes

We all have experienced that burning sensation when a little bit of shampoo gets into the eyes. But do you know why this happens? Sulfates are main reason for this unpleasant experience as they irritate eyes’ sensitive tissues. Once a customer switches to sulfate-free shampoo, no such burning eyes effect is experienced as many users have claimed this too.

4 – They Help Protect Colored Hair

One of the drawbacks of using a shampoo with sulfates is that it not only strips away the natural hair oils but also removes the pigments in hair color. This would in result reduce the vibrancy color making it fade quickly. So, using a sulfate-free shampoo will protect your colored mane and cut your salon visits too.

5 –Avoid Long-Term Exposure To Possibly Toxic Chemicals

Research studies show that these sulfates lodge themselves permanently in organic issues. Although there is no definitive proof of theses substances to be toxic but it is advised to avoid exposure to them. These sulfates make cells more porous thus leaving them more susceptible to other pollutants. So why take a chance with your health when other natural alternatives are available.

At GKhair we have products with no parabens and sulfates as we care about our customers. We use natural formulas combined with essential oils along with herbal extracts. Our product line is infused with Juvexin, which is a natural keratin anti-aging protein blend for extra nourishment of hair.

Find the full line of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners from Gkhair at

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