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A well-maintained mane is key to a successful woman’s style. The doers and achievers ensure they look their absolute best before they go out to chase their goals. In a fast-paced life, keeping those strands looking absolutely flawless becomes quite a challenge; without the proper care and products, hair can go from 10 to 1, really quickly. However, we have some style solutions for quick and efficient results- GKhair Titanium Flat Irons.

Flat irons are a go-to solution for daily styling, especially when you are short on time. While earlier, women were strapped for options and had to stick to the conventional flat iron, times have evolved, and now you can choose a flat iron best suited for your hair type and texture. Yes, a one size fits all strategy is no longer the norm when it comes to choosing the right flat iron. However we suggest investing some time to find the best flat iron for your hair because not all hair tools are created equally. Choosing the right flat iron for your hair doesn’t need to be rocket science. Here’s how you can easily conclude on the best flat iron for your hair so that you can save time and do things that are more important to you.



The first thing to consider when investing in a flat iron is, how well will it style your hair based on your hair type and length. 

Hair Type

  1. Fine 
  2. Normal
  3. Thick 

Hair Length 

  1. Short
  2. Medium 
  3. Long

You can get great results with any of GKhair’s Titanium flat irons, however you can choose the best fit for your hair length and style you prefer to achieve with the tool. 

  • The extra large plates on the One Control is ideal for long hair.
  • The medium-sized plates on the Easy Control work well with medium length hair.
  • The 1 inch plates on the D700 Flat Iron are ideal for short hair.


Flat iron plates are primarily made of three materials; ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. The material used in the flat iron directly impacts the efficiency of your equipment. Based on recent surveys, women have preferred titanium plates over ceramic and tourmaline plates. 

Benefits of choosing a flat-iron with Titanium plates

  1. Titanium plates are a forefront in flat irons, equipped with the latest technology
  2. They are extremely safe, making hair less prone to heat damage 
  3. The high-quality of these plates make them a natural choice for all hair types 
  4. Much more efficient than conventional materials because of the ability to heat more consistently 



A good flat iron is one that has extra features, but a great flat iron is one that provides you countless additional features. If you travel a lot, your flat iron should be able to give you stylish hair on the move. If you are forgetful, your flat iron should be able to turn off automatically. Added multi-functionality is an advantage and features like wet and dry functions can make your flat iron your new best friend. 




One Control

Easy Control

Suitable forNormal/Curly HairThick/Long HairFine/ damaged and chemically treated hair
Plates4.7”x 1” Titanium Plates 4.7”x 2.24” Titanium Plates4.7”x 1.70” Titanium Plates
ControlSlide switchOne button controlInnovative digital touch
Multi FunctionExcellent for straightening and stylingDual-use; straightening and stylingMultipurpose styling with smart iron technology 
Mobility360° swivel cord360° swivel cordCan double up as a travel iron
SafetyOne hour auto shut-offOne hour auto shut-offSleep mode after 3 minutes and auto-shut-off in an hour
AdditionalWet and dry functionUniform heating technology prevents hair damage Tourmaline/Diamond infused plates for silky, smooth and frizz-free hair

Choosing a flat iron is no rocket science. All it takes is considering what will work best for you. Choose from our range of flat irons, give your hair the style and care it deserves and make hair styling easier.

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