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The Natalie Portman Loop

Over the past few seasons we have been seeing variations of the bun and the knot. The latest trend is the loop. This style is clean, chic, polished and easy to create.


To create this look:

  • Brush your hair back into a low, tight ponytail
  • Separate your ponytail into two sections horizontally
  • Fold the lower half under itself
  • Pin the ends up into the roots and secure by crisscrossing the bobby pins
  • Wrap the top half around the base
  • Secure the ends by sliding bobby pins through the ends and into the base of the ponytail
  • This will hide the ends from the previous step
  • Finally finish with hairspray to secure any flyaways and stray hairs.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GKhair

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  1. Nice, very nice hair!

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  3. I see in youtube this product, nice video.

  4. What’s good about the next steps of this hairstyle.
    Gkhair Thanks!

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