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The Most Loved Hair Artist Work from 2019

We love hair! Healthy, beautiful hair that turns heads. Trendy, fashionable looks that inspire others. We love hair because there’s just so much emotion attached to it. And we believe that each and every one of us should share this love for hair. Therefore, we look for the most stunning looks created with GKhair. With the hope that these will inspire you too, we post them on our Instagram page. Gladly, we succeed in receiving so much love from you! As we begin the new year, let’s take a look back at some of the most loved hair artist work from 2019.

Hair Artist Work from 2019

Red ruled the hair color trends 2019 widely. This absolutely fabulous red hair color is from @gkhair.russia. The stylist used the GKhair Red Red Bombshell Masque to achieve this brilliant red color. Consequently, this look received great admiration from our audience for the richness of color and the gorgeous, voluminous curls.

Good products and a good stylist are all you need for having your hair at its best! This transformation combines Tricia Ostrom’s skill and the goodness of Juvexin from GKhair products. Don’t you just love how it contains all the glory of fall at its peak?

Bamboo Color Hair Artist Work

2019 was when GKhair’s Italian Artistic Director Federico Longo developed and refined an innovative hair color technique – Bamboo Color. The entire hair industry received it with great interest and admiration. This colorful look is one of the most iconic Bamboo Color transformations from the past year. It combines so many vivid colors and shades, blended with perfection.

Tricia Ostrom Hair Artist Work

Here’s another fiery take on red! Creating an aura of boldness and passion, red always turns heads. Tricia Ostrom (@strandsofderoit) created this adorable red copper color melt with GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors. Styled to perfection, this look received so much love and acclaim!

Some Gorgeous Hairstyles from 2019

Someone has rightly said that our hair is the crown that we never take off. When the air is festive and you don your fanciest apparel, the perfect hairstyle is the cherry on top. This stunning, pearly upstyle by @hairstylesbymariamalimyan is one of those perfect hairstyles. She used GKhair styling products to create this beautiful updo.

Hairstyle Trends 2019

Another fan-favorite hairstyle from 2019 that you all loved! We were obsessed with the mild ombre effect in this hairstyle. This look was the courtesy of @wb_upstyles. She did a reverse foilyage lowlight with Juvexin Cream Colors at the roots. For the styling, she used GKhair VolumizeHer and Light Hold Hairspray.

Who isn’t a fan of super casual, fun hairstyles for every day? We simply loved how @saripaints created this cute style accessorized with a scrunchie. She used GKhair styling products to enhance the texture of the hair. Let’s take a moment and adore this sweet picture once again!

A simplistic hairstyle will get you through the day – any day! And for a simplistic hairstyle to look complete, you would need frizz-free, shiny hair! For this pretty hairstyle, GKhair Styling Products took out the frizz and imparted this subtle shine. @saripaints was the stylist behind this.

Hair Artist Work with Vivids

Pink – the universal girls’ color! @mon_rouge created this beautiful color using GKhair Red Red and Lavender Bombshell Masques. Our audience simply loved how it emphasizes sweet and girly aspects.

Hair Artist Work

Purple is a color associated with royalty. It combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Therefore, usually when someone goes for purple hair color, we love this bold choice! Our audience loved this passionate purple look – courtesy of @gkhair.russia. Lavender Bombshell Masque was used to create this dimensional, funky hair color.

Vivid Color Hair Artist Work

We just fall in love with hair that’s healthy and done beautifully! Look at this elegant and classy yet bold and playful look. The credit for this perfect transformation is all for @totalbeautybyerica who created such an inspiring look using GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors.

Some Naturals and Blondes

Beachy Blonde Hair Artist Work

This beautiful beachy blonde was a hit in Summer 2019. Mallery Share (@hellobalayage) created this look with GKhair lighteners at the BTC house in West Hollywood last summer. Meanwhile, she shared some amazing tips on balayage technique while she created this subtle color.

Read the complete tutorial on this look along with Mallery’s precious experience.

Hair Color Trends 2019

Have you thought how copper rose would look? Well, this is how! Look at all the depth and dimension in this look, splendidly styled in beach waves. For this transformation, @samihairmagic used Juvexin Cream Colors. These colors, infused with Juvexin, are super mild on hair and do not rob its natural shine and moisture.

Blonde Hair Artist Work

A natural blend without any sharp lines or smudges is the key characteristic of a good professional color job. Hence, this is one of the most loved hair artist work from 2019. To create this gorgeous look, Mallery Share used Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque. We’re completely in love with the effortless gradient in this transformation.


Let’s agree: blonde can never get out of fashion! So many shades, so many dimensions! This bright and shiny blonde is the result of babylight and teasylight techniques used in combination. @samanthasbeautyconfessions created this look with GKhair Juvexin Lightening Powder+ and Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque. Honestly, we were all instantly obsessed!

This was some of the most loved hair artist work from 2019. Moving forward into 2020, we’re looking forward to sharing more inspirational hair trends looks for you! Follow GKhair Instagram to see something awesome every day!

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