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Taking a Look Back at The Hair Contest 2019

GKhair upholds the vision of empowering the drivers of change in the hair industry i.e. the hair artists. Talented hair artists are constantly working to prove their creativity as a part of a rapidly progressing industry. In order to highlight their creative talent, GKhair organizes programs like, The Hair Contest, to promote the work of these artists that inspire us. Its purpose is to showcase some of this creativity on a global platform.

This year, the theme of the contest was “Colors”. We received 100+ entries from across the globe, out of which we chose 27 to participate in the contest. The participants carried out hair transformations using GKhair products and shared the results and footage on their social media platforms. 15 contestants made it to the second stage and out of those, 5 emerged as finalists. We featured their participatory content on our brand platforms. Participatory Content from the Contestants

Winners of The Hair Contest 2019

The contest lasted for over two months and then finally, Julie Holbrook from Utah claimed the crown. Besides that, Jennalee Dobbs and Tricia Ostrom stood runners-up. Julie is a passionate hair stylist and a member of the AVE Salon Team. Besides, she is known for her eagerness to learn, share, and teach. Her work itself speaks volumes for the effort she puts in and the professionalism that comes to her naturally. Check out the hair transformations done by the winners here!Winners of The Hair Contest 2019

Jennalee and Tricia have won $500 worth of GKhair Products. However, for winning, we are sponsoring Julie’s trip to Thailand where she will attend GKhair’s annual event, Passport to Success. Every year the company hosts worldwide GKhair partners and top professionals from the industry for this event where we discuss future ideas, plans, and possibilities.  Apart from that, it is going to be a fun filled four days long trip in the first week of April in Phuket, Thailand.

The Hair Contest will be back next year with the same vision and something more! Meanwhile, we wholeheartedly congratulate Julie Holbrook for winning The Hair Contest. Also, we would like to humbly thank each and every participant in the contest for submitting their creative work.

Keep changing the industry, we are watching!

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