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The Faux Bob

Although we may all want to change our hair at times; sometimes permanent change is too much of a commitment. Sometimes we just want a quick fix, a slight change; something more than an accessory or braid but not something as bold as cutting bangs or changing our color.

The faux bob is the answer a quick fix, reversible change.

Creating the faux bob is simple.

  • Start with your hair worn however you prefer; curly, wavy, or straight.
  • Backcomb and spray with hairspray to add texture
  • Divide your hair into two sections
  • Begin with the side your hair is parted on
  • Pull this section into a low loose ponytail with your hand
  • Start to twist the top of the ponytail and tuck the ends underneath
  • Secure the section by sliding bobby pins up into it
  • Criss-cross the bobby pins for a secure hold
  • Repeat these steps with the other section of hair
  • Make sure the two sides join to create and even bob
  • Set with hairspray

Let pieces fall out at the front and remember that the looser and softer the better. Whether you are wearing the faux bob straight, wavy, or curly, a slightly messy look is best.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

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