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Straight Bobs – Achieve and Maintain with GKhair

As new hairstyles and haircuts are trending on the internet, women continue to get hair transformations more frequently. Some change their hair colors and others are moving towards new haircuts. With this desire for the perfect hairstyles, straight bobs are trending up like fire in the forest. The bob haircut got famous in the early 1920’s when the fashion-forward ballroom dancer Irene Castle got her hair short as a matter of convenience, which was then referred to as the Castle bob. The hair style ignited again in the 2000’s when women started getting shorter haircuts for convenience and to show independence, progressiveness and spiritedness.

The bob is a straight cut that extends to the jaw, usually with a fringe (bangs). It is also called “¾” because it represents three quarters of what is considered a long hair style. The bob is cut at the level of ears, below the ears or above shoulders. As straight bobs are trending nowadays, more women desire to achieve this hair style. But it is not easy to attain a straight bob until you have straight, silky and smooth hair. GKhair has solved this issue for women with curly, dry hair to help them go for a straight bob.

Straight Hair for a Straight Bob:

GKhair’s The Best is a hair straightening/smoothing treatment which helps in eliminating frizz and curly texture of your hair. The Best is formaldehyde free and contains no harmful chemicals. It has Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized to strengthen your hair and restore its youthful state. The Best keratin treatment lasts for almost 5 months so you can maintain your straight bobs for a longer time. Unlike other keratin treatments you don’t need to wait for 48 hours to wash your hair with this straightening treatment.

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Once you get your bob haircut, get your hair straightened with GKhair’s The Best. After you achieve your straight bob, it is easy and simple to maintain the look with some of these tips.


Keep Your Straight Bob Perfect:

A straight bob looks great when the hair is voluminous, straight and shiny. Short hair usually grabs attention, so you need to look perfect at all times. Using a dry shampoo on your hair will absorb any excess oil and provide shine to it. The GKhair Dry Shampoo is an ideal product for straight bobs as it also provides volume to your hair style, giving your hair a freshly washed look.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday:

Let your hair release its natural oils to provide shine to your hair. Washing your hair everyday will steal your hair moisture. Moreover, second-day hair is easier to style. If your hair is straightened chemically, washing it every day will finish your straightened look earlier. If you wish to wash your hair every day, use the GKhair Balancing Shampoo which will increase the lasting time of your keratin treatment and will not make your hair dry.

Use a Bristle Brush:Straight bobs. straight bobs, bob haircut, hair styles

Using a bristle brush on straight bobs will give you a sleek style and a smooth finish. Short hair is easy to detangle so using the GKhair Extra Bristles Round Brush will make it easy to style your hair and provide bounce to it.

Volumize Your Straight Bobs:

Provide volume and shine to your hair with the GKhair VolumizeHer hairspray. The VolumizeHer by GKhair eliminates frizz and flyaways from your hair, making it smooth and healthy. This spray provides volume from the roots, which enhances the look of your straight bobs.

Use a High-Quality Straightener:

Don’t just use any regular flat iron that is available in the market to style your hair. Your hair is valuable and sensitive. Use a hair straightener with titanium plates. The straightener should have a temperature control to manage the amount of heat your hair can tolerate. GKhair Curve Titanium Flat Iron incorporates all these features for your hairstyles. So, accomplish perfect straight bobs with the GKhair Flat Iron.

Use the GKhair Cashmere hair cream on your hair after styling. Cashmere will kill the frizz and flyaways in your hair, making your bobs smooth and shiny. So, if you are a bob haircut lover, GKhair is your hair partner. GKhair provides the perfect hair styling products to give you a ravishing finish. All products from GKhair contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend, optimized to strengthen your hair and revive it to its youthful state. Choose the GKhair styling products because you are valuable.

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