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Saved by the Iron – Easy, Quick and Convenient Styling

Have you ever wondered how can you save time while getting your hair ready for a night-out or a day at work? Well, wonder no more because GKhair’s brand new and out-of-this-world iron will save your time and give you a smooth flawless style. Introducing GKhair’s Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron. This wonderful product is going to control your hair with the newest touch screen technology available!

Flat Iron image

Together, let’s say goodbye to frizz and hello to silkier, softer, styled hair that can make heads turn and bring immense attention to your drop-dead gorgeous hair. Your hair can be salon perfect-every-time which will literally get people wondering how often do you visit the salon. GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron is one of the best products in the market when it comes to ease-in-use, sleek and attractive looking with a very lightweight feel to it. Click here to watch the video! 

flat iron image 1

Fun fact: This product is suitable for all hair types – even coarse and the ones that are difficult to manage.


Features that make this product stand out from others include the following:

  • Digital LCD Touch Screen with a self-lock feature that helps to avoid accidental button pressing which –  frankly – is a hindrance.
  • High-quality Titanium Plates that make sure you get a smooth and easy experience.
  • Ionic capability for silkier hair that helps lock the moisture in.
  • Infrared Wavelength Heat Diffusion Technology. This is important because most irons can ruin the hair but with this particular feature the heating is even, causing less damage.
  • Easy temperature setting for every hair type (Thin, Normal, Coarse). Where would we be without this feature? Temperature setting for each hair type makes it a universal product any hair type could use it.
  • Dual voltage with worldwide compatibility.
  • Low power consumption saves much of electricity which makes GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron the most environment-friendly iron in the market.
  • Long life and robust 2.5m power cord. How often do we struggle with the wire length? All the time! It can stretch a good long distance without any worry about staying close to the socket.

Flat Iron Image 3


Overall, GKhair’s Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron straightens hair based on the requirements and the technique used. In addition, the elegant, ergonomic design helps conveniently straighten the hair with maximum control. This is an easy-to-use iron which has a breathtakingly cool display and features like variable temperature control and power. Last but not least – as mentioned earlier – this iron can be used for all hair types, whether it’s thin, normal, or coarse. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a whole-new-way of pampering your hair and gaining sky-high confidence.

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