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Salon Conversation-An Opportunity For Retail Sale

It’s no secret that retail is one of the best ways to make more cash. Because we know how hard can it be to turn a salon visit into a retail sale, we have pinned a few strategies to turn your salon conversations into retail sales when opportunity walks through the door in shape of your guests.

You’re a stylist, you still need to sell:

Your clients look up to you for advice as they don’t always know many things related to products or chemical treatment on their own.

For instance, if your client uses a shampoo which is not suitable for new highlights or a fresh vibrant color and this causes the color to fade away, your client won’t be happy about it.  You can take care of this by working hair-care products information into your conversation. When a customer purchases a product from salon, there are more chances of her to stay loyal with the choice.

What to say:

It is important to share with the customer valuable information about each product in your salon. In order to answer the queries of your customers you must have a clear knowledge of your products. You must know the right products to suggest when a customer has any question on how to take care of their hair.  For doing this you must learn in advance all the benefits, ingredients and after care products. This allows you to effectively recommend the best solutions for your clients.

Client Visit, Retail Sale

Factors that make the sale easier:

When your clients visit you for consultation, try to carry this conversation all the way through the service. This is how you can gain some trust. Try and learn about their hair, how it behaves and what problems your clients face when they are styling at home. You can inquire about their specific hair-care needs and know about products performance. This way you can know what can prompt them to accept your proposition.

Try to spend some time with your clients, offering them your expertise related to styling and aftercare. Offer them some tips, techniques as well as products and tools to help solve any issues your clients might be having. Show them the steps while dealing with their mane so that they can do the same thing for themselves while styling at home.

Follow Through & Always Have a Database:

Not many in the industry keep up with the clients and if you are doing it then it gives a personalized touch. You can engage your clients by using email/text to re-purchase specific products or to reserve products for their next visits.

You can stay on top and never be out of order with GKhair’s app which provides you the opportunity to never miss an order by salon pick-up facility and maintain the billing history as well.

GKhair App, Retail Sale

So, when it comes to selling retail, it really is a no-brainer. You have already created the market by advising your clients so why not to be the one who sells them. It will not only make a healthy relation with your clients but also make you and your salon more money.

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