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Quick Ways to Update Your Look

We all get a little bored of our look and feel as though we are ready for a change, but we may be a little hesitant to do anything drastic or dramatic. The following celebrity inspired ideas are quick and simple, will update your look without totally changing your hairstyle.


  • Refresh Your Color
    PhotobucketAsk your stylist about a demi permanent color glossing treatment. This in salon treatment will enhance color and add shine. Your color can brightened or deepened, or change tone without lifting natural or previous colored hair. This quick look update takes 25 minutes and will last up to 8 weeks.
  • Cutting Bangs
    This change may seem slightly more dramatic, but it is not a total haircut. Consult your stylist about the style bangs you desire and what will suit your face shape. Longer side swept bangs are softer, whereas blunt shorter bangs create a more dramatic change.




  • Change Your Styling Methods
    For a very simple update to your look, try something new with your style. If you can not live without your flat iron, try bending the iron as you move down the hair shaft to create flips and waves. If curls and waves are your signature look, try smooth and sleek.



These simple hair changes will update your look and have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you chose to change how you style, refresh your color, or cut bangs; each update will give you that change you need.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

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  1. My hair is naturally curly so every once in a while I’ll take out the flat iron to change it up a little

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