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Products That Work As Protective Shield – Complete Hair Protection Guide

Do you know your hair is an essential part when it comes to first impressions? It’s like wearing your own natural crown. That’s why it is very important to take care of it. Unfortunately, there are many factors out of our control, that can cause some damage to the hair. To avoid or prevent the damage you must use products that can create a protective shield against all these risks.

Environmental Factors

The humidity, heat and dust can make your hair brittle and detrimental. The natural keratin of your hair is lost when your hair is exposed to climatic variations. Also, the humidity, wind and sun rays take away the natural moisture of your hair. These factors change your hair texture and weaken the hair strands making your hair dry, frizzy and easy to tangle.

Chemical Services

Treatments like straightening, perming or color services make your hair look good but can bring some undesirable effects along. Your hair health can be affected and you can suffer from hair damage after getting these treatments. These dye services or straightening treatments can cause your hair to lose its smoothness and shine, making it dry and brittle. They can even fade away your natural hair color.

Heat StylingSplit Ends, GKhair

Using heat styling tools such as ironing straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers can steal away the moisture from your hair. Your hair looks silky and straight for a while but loses its healthiness and strength with constant styling. The keratin content in your hair is lost and the texture is deteriorated. Regular styling can make your hair weak and cause split ends and dullness.

Swimming in Chlorinated Water

Chlorinated water or swimming in a pool can strip your hair of its natural oils. It can make your hair brittle and dry. Repeated swimming in chlorinated water can cause your hair’s protective cuticles to break, leading to split ends and frequent breakage of strands.

You can face hair breakage and hair fall due to these factors. Your hair color can fade away owing to sweating and exposure to sunlight. All these factors are inevitable but there are some things you can do to prevent them. For example, you can incorporate some precautionary products to your daily hair routine by GKhair. GKhair has products for your everyday hair protection. These products form a protective shield over your hair to save it from possible damage.

Protective Shield, GKhair, ThermalStyleHer, Shield Shampoo, Protective Shield, Juvexin

Protective Shield Against Environmental Damages

The Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner duo is an amazing solution for damage caused by UV/UVA rays. The shampoo acts as a protective shield against harmful sun rays which cause hair dryness and split ends and cleans all impurities from your hair. Another product which creates a protective shield over each strand is the GKhair Serum. Serum protects your hair from losing its moisture and prevents dust and humidity from making your hair dry and frizzy. Serum provides essential nourishment for your hair.

Protection Against Chemical Damages

Hair treatments such as straightening, perming or color services can be harmful as they are harsh chemical based. They can weaken your hair. But if you add the GKhair Shield Additive+ to any of your chemical services, it will provide a protective shield to fortify your hair against any possible damages. The Shield Additive+ forms new hair bonds and prepares your hair for any treatment. You can go for any chemical treatment by just adding the Shield Additive+ to the mixture.

 Protective Shield for Heat Styling

Heat styling can make your hair lose its natural texture and constant styling can affect your hair’s elasticity and strength. The heat tools can dry up your hair moisture and make it dry, brittle and fragile. GKhair presents the ThermalStyleHer which is a heat protectant for your hair creates a protective shield against heat damages. Applying it to your hair prior to using a styling tool can protect your hair from any damage and reduce your styling time as well. The ThermalStyleHer gives you a smooth finish without harming your hair strands.

Protection Before Entering the Pool

Swimming Pool, GKhair, Leave In Cream, Serum, GKhair Shield

Chlorinated water can be harmful for your hair and skin. GKhair has solved this issue with its Leave-In Conditioner Cream and Spray which can be applied to your hair before swimming. Whether you are going to the beach or thinking of swimming in a pool, the Leave-In Cream will prevent the chlorine from directly getting absorbed into the hair shaft. The Leave-In Cream will protect your hair from color fade and dryness.

A Protective Shield Against Color Fading

Blondes are usually canny and conscious regarding their hair color. Blonde hair color looks great but is very high maintenance. GKhair has specially designed a shampoo for blonde hair to protect hair color from fading. The protective shield of the Silver Bombshell Shampoo by GKhair eliminates unwanted brassy tones from blonde hair, giving a refreshing look every time you shampoo.

GKhair works on an ideology of honesty and need based development. GKhair has always determined the user needs and worked up to their satisfaction. The company’s mission is to use best of the ingredients for user’s safety and approval. All products from GKhair contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores hair to its youthful state while protecting against future damage. Style your hair, go out, swim and get any treatment you want. You can look great in any condition because GKhair has got your back!

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