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GKhair Captures Audiences at Professional Beauty Show 2019 in San Juan

April 2019 has been a particularly eventful month for GKhair. With Passport to Success in the first week and Beautyworld Middle East in the middle, it was quite busy. The last week brought with it, Professional Beauty Show 2019 which took place in San Juan. Various beauty and haircare brands gathered under one roof to showcase their successful and important products and assets for the first time in this new location. The event spanned over two days and held special importance for the community of Puerto Rico. Therefore, thousands of attendees poured from across the Island, into San Juan to attend it.

Professional Beauty Show 2019 – San Juan

GKhair stage on the beauty show remained extremely busy at all times. The diligent and artistic hair professionals, Juanel Pacheco and Yansy Vega attended the event representing the brand. They showcased their creative works and advanced techniques in lightening, cutting and styling. Attendees were able to see foilayage, balayage and so many more dimensional lightening techniques. Fusing in the use of Bombshell Masques, they created some lovely, colorful looks that were surely show stoppers.


Both days, the GKhair stage thronged with attendees. Among them were important members of the GKhair family in Puerto Rico. They are part of the sales team of GKhair in Puerto Rico and are doing an amazing job in creating a better place for GKhair in the market. Furthermore, loyal GKhair clients from as long as 9 years ago also visited the stage and displayed keen interest in the transformations. They also endorsed their support for the brand which was heartening for the Founder and CEO of GKhair, Mr Van Tibolli. He said, “I am honored to see the loyal clients continue to support the brand after so many years.”

The support from clients and the satisfaction of customers is GKhair’s greatest strength. Therefore, as we strive every day to cater to haircare needs globally, it is very uplifting for us to receive the tremendous amount of love from our clients and customers.

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