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Passport to Success – Cruise Trip 2018

Being the leader in industry hair-care education and innovative artistry, we have always promised to fulfill hair needs and find solutions for hair problems. Not only a premium brand, GKhair keeps innovating its products and keeps educating its partners in order to maintain long-term partnerships. To express the gratitude, GKhair organizes a Passport to Success Cruise trip for its Educators, Salon owners and Distributors from all around the world. It is a fun filled cruise trip which not only serves as an annual international brand conference but also an occasion aimed at acknowledging Gkhair’s relationship with its partners.

The Passport to Success 2018 Cruise travelled from Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico. The 4-day trip was filled with loads of entertainment and exciting activities. The GKhair family meets every year in such an event to exploit the opportunity in a relaxed and comforting environment. It is the right platform to discuss the brand opportunities and news with the distributors for the coming year and also having a glance at the events of previous year. To add to this, it gives the distributers to socialize with their counterparts from different countries to share their vision and success stories.

International Brand Conference

The voyage contained a number of activities from the overview of the previous year to the promises for the next year. It showcased some new products, added in the product line of GKhair and also awarded GKhair distributors for best performance. This exciting trip spanned for four days with visits to exotic destinations to give the educators, top clients and distributors a memorable experience. With on the move learning and educational sessions, the audience were envisioned with GKhair’s technological moves in the industry and its pro-technology approach.

With a successful event having attendees from all over the world, the guests had the chance to network and learn about new products launched. As promised, GKhair added Digital Touch Flat Iron, Bombshell Color Masques and leave-in Bombshell Cream to its product line and showcased the new additions to the audience in the midst of mesmerizing beauty of the ocean. The company shared its vision to contribute to everyone’s life by introducing advanced IT products in shape of its Mobile Shopping App and bespoke eCommerce website as customers want products on demand.  The GKhair Passport to Success was not just about education and meetings, there was some exclusive pleasure time for the GKhair guests as well. The soothing on sea experience and the musical nights added aesthetic aura to the cruise trip.

New Products

The GKhair team shared ideas and the entire team was briefed with the company’s future vows, “A Software Product to do Everything from one place from Buying to Selling.”

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