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Moisturizing & Hydrating Dry Hair

Tired of dry, dull, dehydrated hair? Your hair lack the softness, shine and bounce that you expect from it? This is caused by lack of moisture and proper hydration that your hair need, also excessive washing and blow drying leads to dry hair.  In order to solve your hair problems, GKhair has come up with some tips for moisturizing and hydrating dry hair.

Excessive Heat

Heat damages your hair when exposed for a longer span of time. It causes brittle hair and split ends. Try to minimize your use of blow dryers and flat irons and use only Titanium ones when needed. Use heat protecting cream which forms a thermal shield to protect hair from heat and future damage.                Thermal Style Her, Hair Tips, Dry Hair

Natural Way

Natural oil is one of the easiest way of keeping dry hair moisturized. It will keep your hair hydrated and relieves them from dryness. Using dry oil for any hair style will not only keep your hair protected from UV/UVA rays but with  botanical extracts and natural oils make them shiny and healthy. It helps fight frizz and deliver intense shine without compromising on the hair health.

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Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates have the potential to wreak total havoc on your hair. They dissolve the natural oils on your scalp and leave your hair and scalp dryer than normal. Use sulfate-free shampoos to wash your hair. They are less harming and also extend the life of color, in case you have dyed your hair.

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Use Conditioner

A good conditioner helps hair stay hydrated and able to absorb moisture by keeping the cuticles lie flat. Even if daily use of shampoo is not in your routine, moisturizing hair with leave-in conditioners can make a huge difference. However, doing it with heavy moisturizers can weigh down some hair types which will lead to a greasy look.

Leave-in conditioner cream

Choose the Best Option

It is always good to know your hair and choose the best option in accordance with your hair type. Not every product is good for every hair type so take some time and know what exactly is needed to keep your hair moisturized. In both the cases i.e. curly and straight hair types, people suffer form lack of moisture but they need to cater this differently.

One needs a little more love, while the other benefits from a more hands-off approach. People with tightly curled hair might need moisturizing hair mask every time they shower while this much moisture could lead to a greasy, weighed-down look in case of fine, straight hair people. 

At times, we cannot blame hair-care habit for dry hair alone. It can depend on your genes and your hair may not be producing enough oil at the root, which can lead to dryness of scalp. Hormonal imbalance can also cause dryness and dehydration. So, if changing your hair care habit and washing style doesn’t seem to work, get in touch with your health care provider to get to the root cause.

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