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Looking Back at GKhair Activities in 2019

Here’s to happily getting through another year full of exciting opportunities and events! GKhair is growing, tapping into newer territories and achieving new milestones. The most precious thing, however, was the huge amount of love we received from you. Let’s take a look back at GKhair activities in 2019 and everything that brought us closer to you.

The Hair Contest 2019

The year kicked off with The Hair Contest in which stylists from different parts of the world participated. The three months of the contest were packed with activity and excitement. Finally, we had the winner – Julie Holbrook. Winning the contest, she got a chance to attend GKhair’s grand annual event, Passport to Success 2019.

Passport to Success 2019

Every year, we organize Passport to Success to give our partners a chance to meet and discuss future growth opportunities. It is also a chance for them to intermingle and spend activity-packed days on beautiful locations. In 2019, the event was held in Phuket Island, Thailand among beautiful beaches. GKhair partners from various parts of the world rejoiced as well as discussed future possibilities in conferences. The event gave the hair professionals a chance to intermingle and work together as well. They carried out splendid hair transformations using the new tools and improved GKhair products.

GKhair Activities - 2019

GKhair Activities around the World

Apart from that, GKhair launched their Color line in Jordan and India last year. GKhair partners in Jordan – Beauty Code – organized The Hair Show in Amman. Federico Longo and Kriss Helou performed live transformations using GKhair Juvexin Cream Colors. Tricia Ostrom went for the launch of Colors in India. In both countries, the educators trained the local hair stylist communities on the GKhair Color Line.

Global Trade Shows 

Moreover, GKhair was there to inspire different audiences in the leading beauty shows all around the world. These beauty shows included Beautyworld Middle East, Professional Beauty Show San Juan, Premiere Orlando, Impact Show 2019, The BTC Show and San Juan Beauty Show. Throughout the year, GKhair artists carried out various trainings on Smoothing, Coloring and other techniques around the globe.

Global Trade Shows

Bamboo Color Technique by Federico Longo

One of the main happenings of 2019 is the development of Bamboo Color Technique by Federico Longo. The Italian Artistic Director for GKhair came up with this revolutionary technique after careful research and experimentation. This technique is time-saving as well as cost-effective. Ever since its development, it has attracted great interest from the hair industry. Combining the principles of nature and simple science, it allows the stylist to achieve a natural blend with a vast scope for customization. Federico Longo carried out various trainings on Bamboo Color throughout the year. The technique remained under focus during Train the Trainer, The Hair Show Jordan, and Passport to Success 2019. He also conducted trainings in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan where he educated the local audience on Bamboo Color.

Product Launches and Innovations

We also made new introductions to the GKhair Product Line. Also, we improved the formulations of many products. The new additions included three new titanium flat irons. One Control Titanium Flat Iron comes with extra-large plates, making it excellent for professional use. Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron includes digital touch screen interface. D700 Titanium Flat Iron is the sleek and stylish upgrade to D600 Titanium Flat Iron. We also added the Bamboo Color Tools – Special Bowl and Brushes – to our product line. We introduced Strawberry Resistant Treatment last year which provides the exceptional smoothing results as Resistant, but comes with a strawberry fragrance and creamier consistency. Furthermore, The Best and Miami Bombshell Taming Treatments were also improved to provide 25% better smoothing results. Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder was upgraded to achieve 8+ levels of lift. The new formulation of Juvexin Lightening Powder+ gives 9 levels of lift.

GKhair Activities

Looking back at GKhair activities in 2019 and all the achievements we’ve made, we just can’t ignore the role of GKhair family in this. By the GKhair family, we mean our partners, the hairstylist community, our clients and customers, and everyone affiliated to GKhair in any capacity. It is all because of you that we have come this far. We’re starting the new year 2020 with higher goals to achieve, more people to reach, and newer innovations to introduce. We’re grateful for all the love we receive from you and intend to take it even further along in our journey.

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