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Leave-In Spray- Giving Clients’ Hair Some Extra Love

How many times have you heard your clients complain about split-ends or that their hair is too fried? Not properly caring for your hair can be the cause, but to keep it simple not enough nourishment is a sure recipe for damage. Styling and bleaching are so much fun, but at what cost? Wavy or curly hair is most prone to dryness and frizz so it needs some extra attention. Sure, the allure of using supped-up treatments can be enchanting for clients but a consultation with a professional is necessary to really diagnose any hair issues. As a hair expert, it’s your job to give them the information necessary to help them get the right product, for the right hair type. This not only helps them but also gives you the chance to gain their confidence and trust by guiding them towards hair bliss. One of the simplest products to use with immediate results is GKhair Leave-In Spray!

GKhair Leave-In Spray

Using GKhair Leave-In Spray can help hydrate hair while providing it manageable softness. Its unique blend of natural grain extracts and seed oils nourish hair while our special anti-aging protein, Juvexin, revitalizes hair. This helps eradicate split ends, squash frizz and offers hair the ultimate moisturizing care. The natural ingredients strengthen each hair strand and protect it against damage. It’s ideal for those clients who are fond of swimming pools but need protection against chlorinated water.  Studies have shown that regular exposure to chlorinated water in pools can wreak havoc on hair, causing immense damage. Also, beach lovers and sea swimmers can benefit highly from the advanced protection offered by GKhair Leave-In spray.

Leave In Spray Model

Regardless, hair experts globally agree that using leave-in conditioner sprays for all hair types are beneficial. Clients  apply sparingly focusing on the dryer areas generally mid-lengths to the ends without worry of weighing hair down or inducing build-up. GKhair Leave in Spray can detangle hair and be used as a cutting aid to even the porosity of the hair. Another great feature of GKhair Leave-In Spray is that it can help maintain the longevity of GKhair treatments at home.

In general hair health improves when the moisture is balanced, that shows when the hair shines. Clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed when they see that the advice and tips given to them are genuine, practical and above all, yields satisfactory results. Being a source of knowledge, you, the hair expert, must be up-to-date with industry innovations and trends. The ideal method of applying Leave-In spray is after washing hair. Wash hair after a cut, for instance, with GKhair Balancing Shampoo & GKhair Balancing Conditioner and then spray onto damp hair. Instantly, clients would be able to feel and see the soft, smooth and extra moisturizing results of GKhair Leave-In Spray. Style as desired and recommend to clients to use the leave-in spray before swimming in the sea or pool for extra protection against hair damage.

Extra Loving Leave-In Spray

GKhair Leave-In Spray is a specially formulated to protect hair against damage while giving hair revitalizing nourishment and extra moisturizing conditioning. It strengthens and fortifies hair with Juvexin, an anti-aging protein that helps bring back hair to a youthful state.

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