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Fashion Week- It’s All About Orange

This year’s New York and London Fashion Weeks have been all about a burst of color. Bright colors are seen among apparel and accessories. A bright color catches any eye and makes any look stand out from the crowd. Models walked the runway with orange coats, dress, skirts and blouses, …

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Spotting Trends at ISSE Long Beach


After almost 24 hours of watching, talking and interacting with hundreds of people at the 3 day ISSE trade show in Long Beach, CA we saw everything from the latest trends in hair, beauty and fashion. The most common trend, seen absolutely everywhere we looked was stripes. From the simple …

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The Bigger The Hair, The Better

As we know fashion trends come and go and are altered and adjusted according to the times. One big trend this season is in fact nothing new, but an adjustment of a previous trend. The popular top knot has now evolved into the bird’s nest bun. When it comes to …

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

It might feel like the holiday season just finished and here we are already faced with another holiday. Although Valentine’s Day usually means buying just one gift for that special someone, finding that one perfect gift can create more stress than buying for an entire family and group of friends. …

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New Years Resolution #5

It is now week 4 of the new year and the last day of January. How was your month of resolutions? Did you keep all of your resolutions or did you break them? Did you try any of the GKhair resolutions? This week try a new way of moisturizing; when …

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Keeping It Cool


As we approach the warmer spring months it is still definitely winter weather in many states and countries. Staying warm is all about layers and insulation. Although the thought of a vest may seem far from fashionable, vest are, and can be very fashionable. Puffer vests provide great insulation, can …

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New Years Resolution #4


We are now into week four of the new year. After trying some new ways to do the things you did last year with your hair, here is a new way to do something new with your make-up. Try applying your foundation with a sponge or a brush. If you …

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New Years Resolution #3


We are into week 3 of the new year. The resolutions may be getting more and more difficult to keep, and the dieting and exercising promises you made yourself may be getting more challenging. When it comes to your hair and beauty resolutions; here is another twist on something you …

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Glitter and Glamorous Eyes

Another trend that has continued on past the holiday season is the glitter look. Bold eyeshadow is very glamorous and fun. Using a sparkle eyeshadow over your entire lid is very dramatic and completely brightens your eye. Another dramatic look is the cat eye eyeliner. For a softer look create …

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