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New Years Resolution #2

It is now week 2 of the new year. As the sales continue, the dieting becomes more difficult and the resolutions are already failing; try this twist on something you did last year and you won’t fail. This week try a messy version of the classic bun. Creating a slightly …

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The Faux Bob


Although we may all want to change our hair at times; sometimes permanent change is too much of a commitment. Sometimes we just want a quick fix, a slight change; something more than an accessory or braid but not something as bold as cutting bangs or changing our color. The …

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The Blonder The Better

The biggest color trend that we see moving into 2011 is blonde, the lighter and brighter the better. Every blonde loves being a blonde, they say blondes have more fun; and every brunette, redhead, and all those in between have desired and dreamed of life as a blonde. Model Abbey …

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Countdown To A Big Day


Whether its your big day, someone else’s, or a special event; there are 5 very important hair steps to consider in your countdown to the day. Hair Trial: Scheduling an appointment for a hair trial is very important. This will involve describing your desired color, style and overall look while …

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Must Dos of Great Hair


Your hair care prescription- follow these 8 simple hair care regimes for healthy, beautiful looking hair. 1. Use the right hair care products for your specific hair type: If your hair is damaged or color treated then you must use shampoo and conditioning products that are for those specific types …

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A Twist on Braids

When thinking of the braid, preppy, proper, and innocent come to mind. The braid has come a long way since its traditional appearance. The braid can be a quick fix hair style or a total fashion statement. Milkmaid braids Image Back in 2007 trendsetter Sienna Miller started the milkmaid braid …

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Handbag Must Haves for Hair


Every woman’s handbag holds much more than her wallet, phone and keys; it is a world of all her tools, resources, and ingenuity. No matter what equipment makes up your world, there are a few must haves for every handbag. The Hairband Whether you wear it on your wrist or …

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