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The Blonder The Better

The biggest color trend that we see moving into 2011 is blonde, the lighter and brighter the better. Every blonde loves being a blonde, they say blondes have more fun; and every brunette, redhead, and all those in between have desired and dreamed of life as a blonde. Model Abbey …

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Countdown To A Big Day


Whether its your big day, someone else’s, or a special event; there are 5 very important hair steps to consider in your countdown to the day. Hair Trial: Scheduling an appointment for a hair trial is very important. This will involve describing your desired color, style and overall look while …

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Must Dos of Great Hair


Your hair care prescription- follow these 8 simple hair care regimes for healthy, beautiful looking hair. 1. Use the right hair care products for your specific hair type: If your hair is damaged or color treated then you must use shampoo and conditioning products that are for those specific types …

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A Twist on Braids

When thinking of the braid, preppy, proper, and innocent come to mind. The braid has come a long way since its traditional appearance. The braid can be a quick fix hair style or a total fashion statement. Milkmaid braids Image Back in 2007 trendsetter Sienna Miller started the milkmaid braid …

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Handbag Must Haves for Hair


Every woman’s handbag holds much more than her wallet, phone and keys; it is a world of all her tools, resources, and ingenuity. No matter what equipment makes up your world, there are a few must haves for every handbag. The Hairband Whether you wear it on your wrist or …

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Your Hair’s Health

Eating healthy for strength, shine and growth. Image Eating a variety of the following foods; due to the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals they provide, is the best way to achieve and maintain healthy hair and scalp. Low- Fat Yogurt: a great source of calcium containing whey and casein for hair …

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Top 5 Ways to Repair Hair from Sun Damage

As we get excited for all the new fall trends we are still facing the effects of the summer. The summer sun, salt water, chlorine and dehydrating air conditioning can strip the hair of moisture. Dull, frizzy, brittle, dry and brassy hair is caused by the effects of these elements. …

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