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Must Haves for Hair Straightening

GKhair, Thermal StyleHer, Straighten, Model

Straight hair is loved by everyone regardless of hair color, hair tone or hairstyle. We, here at GKhair have learnt that almost 78% of the females and males prefer straight hair. No matter how easy it sounds, achieving perfectly straight hair is an extremely difficult job and that’s the reason why …

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The Most Wanted Hair Colors for Winter

Here are the collections of hair colors from this winter that will make you throw away your hat!   Hair coloring is nothing less than an art that often changes with the season. The use of different hair colors throughout the year is a great way to intensify your look …

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Life-Changing Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Is frizzy hair difficult to handle? Taming frizzy hair can be a constant uphill battle if you don’t have the proper hair care routine in place. Why is it so? Frizzy hair is caused by hair that is damaged and lacking moisture and a balanced pH. GKhair is known for it’s …

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How To Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair Every Morning

blonde hair style

Read below Here to learn simple tips to get an “I woke up like this”, that is literally gorgeous.   What do you notice about yourself when appearing before the mirror each morning? Well, if you are like most us, our hair is the mane attraction. Why? Evidence of the …

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Current Hair Care Favorites by Carli ByBel


Check out amazing product reviews of GKhair care products fortified with Juvexin by Carli Bybel. In this review she is telling about her current hair care favorites and explaining about her commendable experience with GKhair products like GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo, GKhair Moisturizing Conditioner and GKhair Serum. Moreover, after watching this …

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What is Juvexin?

Juvexin is the latest innovation in hair technology, a revolutionary find in the hair care industry. Started with keratin, and then evolved to Juvexin. Using an environmentally friendly process, Juvexin is acquired from pristine sheep wool. Juvexin is no doubt the most creative innovation in the past 50 years in …

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