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Blonde Hair – How to Maintain it?

How to maintain blonde hair?

Blondes make a very bold statement with their hair. Taking control of their narrative, and often going the extra mile to do so, which is very evident since blonde hair requires the most maintenance. Frequent visits to the salon, visible roots, and damaged hair are just a few of the …

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GKhair Lighteners – Choose the most suitable option!

Mostly, when a client wishes to go from dark to a lighter hair color, lightening agents are used. Lightening, itself is a rigorous process as it lifts the hair’s pigment. Therefore, using the wrong product can damage your client’s hair. GKhair has a range of professional lighteners that contain Juvexin …

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How to Prolong Keratin Treatments with GKhair

keratin treatments

Keratin treatments are a great way to ensure that your hair looks its best even without salon appointments. They add shine and body to your hair and reduce the styling time considerably. Not only that, they also help restore health to your hair by fixing damage and protecting against future …

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Looking Back at GKhair Activities in 2019

GKhair Activities

Here’s to happily getting through another year full of exciting opportunities and events! GKhair is growing, tapping into newer territories and achieving new milestones. The most precious thing, however, was the huge amount of love we received from you. Let’s take a look back at GKhair activities in 2019 and …

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The Most Loved Hair Artist Work from 2019

Hair Artist Work

We love hair! Healthy, beautiful hair that turns heads. Trendy, fashionable looks that inspire others. We love hair because there’s just so much emotion attached to it. And we believe that each and every one of us should share this love for hair. Therefore, we look for the most stunning …

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