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10 Latest Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has always been more appealing to the eyes. Blonde hair is associated with grace and beauty and with this statement we are not at all calling other hair colors as inferior. All hair colors are beautiful for the people who prefer them. Different shades of blonde hair are trending among women these days. If you are someone who is going for blonde hair and is searching for cool styling ideas for themselves, this article can be an inspiration for you.

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Shaggy Hair, Hair Shag, Layers, Blonde, GKhair, GK

Shaggy Layering

If you have golden or strawberry blonde hair, shaggy layers reaching your shoulders can be flattering and beautiful.




Blonde Hair, Blonde, Blunt cut, bob, short haircut, blonde hair styles

Blunt Cut

If your hair is lighter blonde, a crispy blunt cut can make your hair color prominent and can increase the weight and shine of your hair. Go for a sleek blunt hair cut and create a professional look.


Dirty Blonde, Short Layers, long bangs, GKhair, GK

Dirty Blonde

Long bangs and short layers can help visualize the transition of your hair color if you have dirty blonde hair with an ombre.


Beyonce, Curly Hair, Sandy Blonde


Sandy blonde highlights can enhance your curly hair and boost the shine. This look is inspired by Beyonce’s hair. If you have light blonde streaks in your hair, you can go for loose curls to define your color transition. The color will give your twists a perfect outline.


Dark Blonde, Pixie, Cut, Short Hair, GK, GKhair


If you are fond of a pixie or boyish bangs, dark blonde highlights can add texture and enhance the dimensions of your hair cut.




blonde hair styles, gkhair, dark roots, blonde hair

Darker Highlights

After getting your hair dyed with blonde color, let your roots grow in your natural hair color. This will give your hair style an edgy look and develop a natural two shaded look in your tresses.



Sotf layers. ash, blonde, ash hair, gkhair, gk, global keratin, blonde hair styles

Soft Layers

A shade of ash blonde and a mix of light hue in your layers can give you a girl-next-door look. If you part this hair on the opposite of your usual side, you can get natural volume and tucking one side of your hair behind the hair can give a flirty look.



Short haircut, Bobs, Straight Bobs

Long Professional Bob

Excessively highlighted long bob can make you look sleek and stylish. This look can be perfect for a blow out and gives a retro effect.





Creamy blonde waves, blonde hair, waves, short hair, blonde hairstyles

Creamy Blonde Waves

If you are someone with a warm skin tone, give prominence to your looks with a cool blonde color to create a contrast. Ask your stylist to give your strands a feathery chop and leave your bangs long. Create waves in opposite directions using a professional curling iron to make the style look fuller and trendy.



Super Straight, Blunt cut, Blonde hair, Blonde Hairstyle, Mid Length. GKhair, GK

Super Straight Medium Cut

A light bright hue with hints of white and creamy blonde will create killer looks if you wear them with a razor sharp medium length cut. Invest in a high-quality hair straightener and get a smooth finish.


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Variation of your blonde hair color and a change in lengths and styles can alter your look completely. Just a little change can give your hair a makeover without putting much effort! Take care of your blonde tresses with the Silver Bombshell Shampoo which is specially formulated for blonde hair. It revives your blonde hair color by eliminated yellow and brassy tones.

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