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Last Minute Summer Money-Minting Ideas For Salon Owners

Salon Owners! The summer holiday is upon us in the northern hemisphere and humidity is forever lurking up at our doors, wouldn’t you love to be able to offer your clients solutions that can also provide a little extra cash as well? Why not some cool holiday promotions! If you’ve never introduced these special offers into your salon, we present some last-minute summer holiday money-minting ideas for salon owners to get more clients.

Not only will these ideas help you get some extra bucks during the taming season, but they will also help you improve your visibility and more customer retention. Customers love something extra with the same vale of money and if you are able to catch them with your innovation, it will always help boost your business.

Give a Little, Get a Little

You offer your clients a little something by adding a cash voucher for every purchase they make that’s over a certain amount. Clients won’t be able to resist the “one for me, one for you” promotion because they are running short of time to shop during their vacation.

Give a Little, Get a Little

A Gift Card

Gift cards are also a great way to entice customers. They can also be recursive. Especially when you offer gift cards on a certain purchase, you practically make sure the customer comes back to you. For instance, when a customer spends $150 they get another $25 gift card. Similarly, a customer can spend $200 and receive a $35 gift card and has the option of keeping the additional card for using it on another gift.

A Gift Card

Teaming Up B2B 

Support your salon along with other local businesses by offering your customers a package deal. It is a great strategy to pair your gift certificate for salon service with a neighboring business; like retail shops, restaurants and fitness studios etc.

Offer Gifts

Almost every salon has some extra products collecting dust in the supply closet and you need to utilize them. These can be best used now as your free gifts-with-purchase items whenever a client buys a service or a product. This will give your client a chance to try some new products and if you are lucky enough your clients might repurchase those items during their next appointment.

Travel-Sized Gifts

Like free gifts-with-purchase, travel-sized gifts are just smaller variants of full size products. At times giving away products exceeds your budget so the best remedy is to offer a free travel-sized styling gel or a hairspray with the purchase of every gift certificate. It will not only provide a real incentive to buy the gift cards offered, but sampling products could become regular purchases down the road.

The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to any business.  Being able to improve business processes and bringing new and improved products and services to market will always give you an edge. With the increased efficiency and most importantly improved customer care, you will definitely improve your profitability.

There can be number of ideas to innovate your business in order to catch more clients. At GKhair we offer our salon partners with a lot of exciting discounts. So, Salon owners, all you have to do is order online at our website,, avail our salon discounts, and offer your clients with exciting discounts this summer.

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