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Giving Clients The Iron They Need To Shine Through The Day!

Each day presents new challenges, passions, and discoveries, your clients in the salon are proof of that! We know that it can be hard to find the perfect hair styling tool to create the perfect styles for your clients. Make no mistake, hair straightening and styling tools can be expensive and confusing, therefore making it all the more important to find the right one! But, what if we told you that there is a product that can offer the hair more than just sprucing up? It avoids damage and styles your clients’ hair with absolutely even heating and ionic blast for incredible smoothing. GKhair’s New Digital Touch Flat Iron can glide through hair, making it smoother, silkier and minimize the exposure to heat by even distribution on your precious tresses!  

That’s not all this new tool can do, the new GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron is loaded with new technology and features.

Flat Iron Curly Model

With the latest Ionic and Infrared technologies along with titanium plates as well as an LCD touchscreen for temperature control, all these features are controlled with just a tap on the screen. Because of GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron, your clients can wave bye-bye to frizz and start enjoying silkier, softer, smoother hair. You would find that your clients’ hair can be styled more easily, making heads turn and receive heaps of attention the moment they walk out your salon.

Fret not! Every hair-type can use this product, literally. Yes, even the coarsest and most difficult hair!

FLat Iron Image Tech Features


GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron stands out from other flat irons because of the following:

  • Digital LCD Touch Screen with the self-lock feature! What if you pressed a button while using the flat iron on a client? Therefore to help avoid such situations, GKhair thoughtfully installed this feature to help avoid such disasters!
  • High-quality Titanium Plates, it’s corrosion-resistant and offers a smoother experience.
  • Ionic capability for silkier hair which helps trap the moisture in the hair shaft.
  • Infrared Wavelengths Deep Heat Diffusion with longer wavelengths and deeper penetration.
  • Temp setting for every hair type (Thin, Normal, Coarse). This feature saves time because, as a hair professional, you won’t need to constantly change settings for different clients. It has a high-temperature range for tough-to-manage hair-types.
  • Dual voltage that is compatible throughout the world.
  • Low power consumption, saves electricity. The GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron is, therefore, an environment-friendly and cost-effective product.
  • Long Life Robust 2.5m power cord. This helps avoid the struggle to bring the client closer to the flat iron.

Flat Iron Image 3

Ultra-modern, stylish, sleek, and beautifully designed, the new GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron has a lightweight body. It’s perfect for all hair professionals who wish to style flawlessly and smoother hair by avoiding excessive hair-damage. Shine through your day with the right kind of iron because of the new GKhair Digital Touch Titanium Flat Iron!

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