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How To

Pumped Up Ponytails

Turning the casual ponytail into a dressed up look is simple. We see celebrities on the red carpet and models walking the runway sporting ponytail looks. The ponytail can be as exaggerated and dressed up or as simple as casual as you would like. Although this hairstyle involves only a …

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Side French Braid and Bun

We will always see the braid evolve and adapt according to current fashion trends. Braids this spring are slightly different to the braids of the last few seasons. We are now seeing buns being incorporated into these braided looks. These two styles are feminine, neat and detailed. These braided looks …

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Sweet Spring Hippy

Spring and summer are about enjoying the weather, feeling free and relaxed and letting loose. This attitude and outlook is reflected in the looks for hair, makeup and fashion. We are seeing a lot of loose waves and messy fishtail braids. When it comes to skirts and dresses; full length, …

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Hair Washing Secrets

When it comes to washing our hair, most of us are just happy to get that clean feeling and then create the style we want for that day or night. Many of us look over a few details that can actually make washing your hair damaging. In the Shower After …

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A New Twist

The bun, the twist and the knot all became popular go-to hair styles last season and although there have been a few tweaks made throughout the season, these looks have stuck around. The biggest trend for buns, twists and knots is now a more perfected look. We saw buns get …

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The Perfect Blowdry

Creating the perfect blowdry starts right when you step out of the shower. Follow these steps for a smooth shiny finished look. Towel dry your hair by wrapping it up with a towel. Tip: A turban towel is perfect for this step While you begin to get ready your hair …

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Pump Up The Volume


Whether we want smooth and straight locks or bouncy curls, we all want body and volume. When styling hair and adding products your hair can become weighed down and may look flat. There a few ways to get volume and body no matter how you style your hair. Tease a …

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