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How To Get The Ultimate Hair Volume – Expert Tips

There are days when your hair does not respond to you very well. You decide to create a voluminous hair style in the morning but your hair seems to be still asleep. You just hate those days when your hair is flat and sparse and getting the perfect pouf becomes a hassle. For these days of distress, we bring some valuable tips for you to achieve considerable hair volume and lift in your hair. It is easy to style your hair when you have voluminous hair. Here are some easy solutions for flat and dull hair to make them easily style-able.

Drying Hair With A Towel

After you shampoo your hair, wrap a towel around small sections of damp hair and squeeze them with your hands. This will give volume to the strands and won’t let them lie flat.

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Cut The Tips

Every 6-8 weeks we should cut off our hair tips since dry hair is thinner, lifeless and tends to break, which makes it difficult to give volume to the hair. Freshly cut tips are thicker since they are fresh. This practice gives you hair volume from the tips.

Buy a Round Brush

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Brushing your hair more than 1 or 2 times a day is not the best thing to give volume to the hair. The friction caused by brushing wears down and breaks the hair which goes against the hair volume and health. The Ceramic Ionic Anti-Static Round Brush by GKhair is lauded for its ability to create soft waves in a short amount of time. Dry your hair until it is 80 percent dry and then wrap this ceramic barrel brush around medium to large sections of hair. Direct heat from your dryer will quickly and efficiently dry each section so that it looks bouncy and healthy.

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Blow Dry From the Roots

After you take a shower, hold your hair strands upwards and blow dry your roots for up to 10 seconds. After that push strands to one side of the head and blow dry the roots again. This will add body to your hair from the roots and make it easy to style them desirably.

Sleep With a BunModel, Bun, Hair Bun, GKhair, Juvexin, Hair Volume

It’s difficult to volumize your hair when you to hurry to work in the morning. To skip the morning struggle just twist hair into a bun before you go to bed. Just take damp, towel-dried hair, separate into large or small sections, then twist and secure with bobby pins. This will give your hair the desired lift every morning.

Switch your part and Get Hair Volume

If your hair is uncooperative and throws tantrums at you, just switch which side you part your hair for an instant lift. This will allow the air to flow between your hair strands making it look fuller and dense.

Deep Conditioner, GKhair, Apply, Global Keratin, Hair VolumeGet a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Dry hair has short life because it lacks flexibility and moisture. When your hair is dry and unhealthy, trying to get hair volume will all go in vain. Give your hair a dose of moisture and nourish it with the GKhair Deep Conditioner. A Juvexin keratin deep conditioning is basically a hair care treatment which deeply penetrates the hair shaft, restoring your hair strength. It will provide hair with the sufficient amount of nutrition making them look fuller and healthy.

Use a Hair Volumizing SprayHair Volume, GKhair, Switch Your part, Model, Blonde

The VolumizeHer by GKhair gives hair volume to flat hair strands. It creates a weightless volume in hair leaving the hair bouncy, weightless and shiny. Above all the VolumizeHer does not leave any visible residue. It also eliminates frizz and flyaways making your hair look smooth. GKhair Strong Hold Hairspray is a dual action hairspray. It gives your hairstyles a firm hold and provides hair volume from the roots. It also adds shine and strength to your hairstyles making them last for the day.

Get Rid of the Grease

Sometimes the oil in your hair makes your strands weigh down which makes your hair look flat and dull. Shampoo your hair with GKhair Balancing Shampoo to remove excess oil and impurities from your hair. It controls the oil production in your hair which makes your strands to look voluminous and denser.

All products from GKhair contain Juvexin which is keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores hair to its youthful state while protecting against future damage. Strengthen your hair and look great every day with GKhair.

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