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How To Always Look Good For The Camera


Your Hair

  • Clean hair always looks best, if you are in between washes use a dry shampoo to eliminate an oily look.
  • Unless you have ombré hair, roots are a definite no; roots look even worse in a photograph.
  • Make sure you are free of flyaways but full of shine by using a serum.
  • Finish with a shine light hold hairspray for a polished look that has movement.

Your Make-Up

  • Use a matte primer to ensure a shine free look.
  • Apply an extra coat of mascara to emphasize your lashes.
  • A contrasting lip color is best to accentuate your lips.
  • A little extra blush goes a long way to show off bone structure and your face shape.

Your Outfit

  • Wear silhouettes that suit your body shape
  • Ruffles and flowy silhouettes create a fuller look
  • Tailored garments are slimming and create a more contoured shape
  • Black is always the most flattering color especially for plus size women dresses
  • Vertical stripes add length to your body while horizontal stripes add width
  • Solids are always more flattering than prints
  • Bright colors draw attention and emphasize the area where they are worn


  • The most important aspect to remember while taking a picture is confidence; feeling confident in your look when you smile will always show in a photograph.


Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

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