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Hair Washing Secrets

When it comes to washing our hair, most of us are just happy to get that clean feeling and then create the style we want for that day or night. Many of us look over a few details that can actually make washing your hair damaging.

In the Shower

After actually washing your hair and while you are still in the shower, turn the water temperature down for a cool rinse. Not only does a cool rinse close the hair cuticle and leave your hair with a shiny finish but it is actually good for your skin too. Cool water will prevent your skin from becoming dry and rough.

Out of the Shower

When you step out of the shower, although you may be in a rush to get ready; do not blow dry your hair immediately. Allow your hair to air or towel dry while you apply lotion and decide on your outfit. This will cut down on heat damage from the blow dryer when you finish your look.

Before Styling

When it comes to the styling stage of getting ready, always remember; comb not brush. It is less damaging to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and not a brush when it is wet. Even when your hair is dry, touching up with a comb is always better than a brush, and a comb fits in your purse or clutch more easily.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

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  1. I am always comb my dray hair.i will follow other tips.nice post keep it up
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