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GKhair Events

GKhair is a world wide innovator of in salon professional hair care products. You can find GKhair in more than 70 countries around the world. Check out the companies worldwide events providing healthy hair care solutions for all hair types.

GKhair Holiday Gift Guide


The Holidays are fast approaching and what better gift to give your loved ones than Beautiful Hair. FOR HER GKhair Dry Shampoo comes in aerosol form which instantly refreshes styles while gently cleansing scalp without the use of traditional shampoos. The perfect product for women on-the-go whether it’s after the gym, …

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Ash Sensation

We’ve seen fads come and go, but the ash sensation clearly has a longer life. Reminding us of mystical fairy land creatures, the many tones of ash lend a gilded, almost metallic look and feel to your hair. While some salon pros and hair stylists were actually amazed by how …

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The New Dry Shampoo is Finally here!


The New Dry Shampoo is Finally here!!

We cannot tell you how excited we are that the Dry Shampoo has finally arrived! This is the perfect solution for women who are constantly on-the-go. Use it after the gym or in between washes to refresh your hair style and create volume at the roots for hair that is full of health and body!Benefits -Soaks up oils in the hair -Leaves hair looking fresh -Adds volume to the roots. -Fortified with Juvexin! -Tames frizz and fly aways -Prevents flaking and dandruff -Creates a freshly washed look

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How to make the Waterfall Braid


Waterfall Braid

WATERFALL BRAID 1. Apply a small amount of GKhair gel for more control 2. Part your hair as desired. Grab a small section at the front of your hair and split it in three. Position your hands so that they are facing towards the back of your head and not down. This will determine the path your braid will take. 3. Move the highest strand over the middle section. Repeat with the bottom strand moving it over the middle section. This creates a French braid. 4. Pick up a little more hair from the section next to the top strand and combine with your existing top strand and move it over the middle section once more. 5. Instead of moving the bottom section over the middle, drop it and pick up a section of hair to the left of that strand and move that over the middle strand. 6. Continue until you reach the desire length and secure with a small elastic or bobby pin.

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Hats and Headbands

Hair accessories are a great way to disguise untouched up roots, flat, unwashed, oily or messy hair. This seasons accessories will do all of that, while finishing your look, adding an extra something. Turban style, silk, printed headbands create an exotic look while covering any hair issue. The brighter and …

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