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GKhair Czech Artist Marek Pala creates the Icy Blonde Queen

GKhair creates tools for many hair visionaries around the globe to better help them to showcase their work. The global professional salon brand values innovation and creativity of our partners and views as something highly essential for a hair artist to advance in the beauty industry. In line with this, we would like to introduce an extraordinary hair creation done by a professional hair and makeup artist using GKhair products. His creation is inspired by his blonde model to transform her to an Icy Queen; a majestic fairy tale icon dressed in utmost sophistication and enchantment.

An addition to GKhair’s growing family of artists around the world is from a professional salon in Czech Republic called, Mr. Image. The team is led by professional hairdresser and makeup artist Marek Pala, wherein he and his team created a dashing version of the Icy Queen.

True enough, a hairstyle as complex and as extraordinary as this requires the action of a high-performance haircare. GKhair is honored to be chosen by Marek Pala and his team in order to perfectly deliver his creation to life. As seen on the model’s final look, her hair embraces a truly striking icy blonde hue – all while looking extremely soft and smooth in every strand. Marek Pala shares the secret in successfully transforming the model’s hair using GKhair products.


Before the Hair Process – Assessing the Model’s Hair Condition

Prior to having the model’s hair extensively styled and colored, Marek Pala and his team of hair experts carried out a thorough hair assessment. Determining the condition and type of the hair allows the hair professionals to understand what kind of approach they should take. As an assessment conclusion, it was determined that the model has very long and fine hair but suffers from uneven hair coloration, dryness and coarseness. To perfectly condition the model’s hair prior to coloring and styling, the team used GKhair’s finest moisturizing hair products including the Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner and Leave-in Spray.

Hair Color Transformation

As per the model’s initial hair assessment, her previous hair color wasn’t even. In order to correct an uneven hair color, Marek Pala used shade no. 9 from the GKhair Juvexin Cream Color series. Application of this shade will bring out the best in the cool-toned base color of his choice. After creating a healthier and more even base, he proceeded in applying GKhair Juvexin Cream Color in shade no. 912 along with GKhair’s Developer Créme Volume 10.

Vibrant Color, Healthy Blonde Hair

To make sure the model’s hair is fully transformed in its healthiest condition, they used GKhair’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. Both the GKhair Shampoo and Conditioner feature intensive moisturizing effects that fully hydrate the scalp and hair strands whilst protecting the hair color. These are also enriched with Juvexin – a special anti-aging protein blend which creates a protecting shield around damaged hair. It also effectively restores and heals the hair structure to make it even stronger. Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner provide protection to prevent the color from fading and to prevent any damage to the hair. All GKhair products, including the color line, feature such nourishing and protecting effects. As preparation to styling, hair professional Malek Pala used GKhair Leave-In Conditioning Spray to make the hair easier to brush and style.

Finishing Touches: The Creation of the Debonair Icy Queen Hairstyle

The hairstyle requires immense volume which is why a couple of volumizing products from GKhair were used. The team used GKhair VolumizeHer to create prominent volume by applying it to the roots. Afterwards, they also applied GKhair Styling Mousse to allow the hair to be more flexible and voluminous. These products helped tremendously as the styling involves heat styling and teasing. Individual locks were teased and smoothed out with a vent brush to create a voluminous style and shape.

As the hair was curled using the 4 in One Curling Iron, GKhair ThermalStyleHer was also used to protect from the heat of the styling tools. In addition, the team used a special comb to create a bun and secure it in place with a hairpiece. The hairstyle also featured intricate waves and curls on the front fringe area to create more drama. Beaded ornaments were also placed to perfectly complete the Icy Queen theme hairstyle.

Every detail of the hairstyle is carefully crafted to fully bring out the enchanting Icy Queen for the look. The result of the hairstyle didn’t only focus on the design itself but also to the hair’s overall condition. As GKhair’s products are richly infused with natural botanicals and Juvexin, the result of the hairstyle came out perfectly while having the hair in its smoothest, healthiest condition. Extensive hairstyling is usually associated with immense hair damage, but as GKhair aims to deliver optimum results the best way possible, hair damage was successfully prevented in carrying the Icy Queen hairstyle.

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