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GKhair Waves Goodbye To a Successful 2015 and Welcomes 2016 With Arms Wide Open

2015 is finally coming to an end and what a year it has been for GKhair! The brand has managed to create quite an impression for itself in various global and local markets. From Saudi Arabia to UAE and from west coast to Puerto Rico, GKhair has managed to win massive support base throughout. The GKhair product range is now available in more than 65 countries globally. We have hundreds of new distributors, educators and salons join hands with us during this year. Our global outreach team is consistently bringing new players on board. The year has been busy yet extremely productive and fruitful for GKhair. As a time-tested and trusted brand, we have reiterated our presence by delivering quality products integrated with Juvexin.

This year the development and research took most of the focus and energy. At the GKhair labs located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, our new product development and research department undertook extensive research to develop new products as well as improvise and improve the products that are already in the market. During all the research that was under taken during this year, the main focus was to tinker and engineer the products that were not only eco-friendly, but also easier to handle and carry. Due to this reasons, you’ll see many of our products coming in smart, ergonomic and easily recyclable packages.

Media loved us throughout 2015! From simple media mentions of our quality GKhair products to detailed step-by-step editorials; the GKhair goodies have received the limelight they deserved. Apart from the usual beauty-specific magazine, many of our products made it to consumer-centric publications and received massive appreciation from the general public.

The year was a busy one for our GKhair specialist educators located globally. They were on the move throughout 2015 and imparted crucial product knowledge, application steps and hair care theory to the eager Salon owners, hair artists and the distributors. The GKhair educators stole the show at the auspicious San Juan Beauty Show while amazed the Emiratis with the all new GKhair Juvexin infused Shield Series in Dubai.

GKhair UAE 3

GKhair Artists at the San Juan Beauty Show! 

GKhair San Juan 1 San Juan VTB GKhair 2

Apart from these events, the GKhair team was present in most of the beauty tradeshows that were conducted throughout the globe. The GKhair CEO, Van Tibolli, was himself present at most of the events and took on the stage to explain the philosophy of Juvexin and its important for hair care, styling and taming.

GKhair UAE 2 GKhair UAE

The internet outreach and marketing department at GKhair is now more proactive. All our fans and product users must keep an eye-out for flash giveaways of the new and classical GKhair products that happen on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are encouraged to connect with us on these social networking channels to keep yourself updated with the latest developments and also, to win free goodies.

All in all, the 2015 was a hectic yet productive year for the team that empowers GKhair products. We have great things planned for 2016 and believe us; you won’t be disappointed at all!

In the end, we wish happy holidays to all our readers, GKhair product users, distributors, educators, partners and everyone that has played a role in making GKhair a shooting star. Thank you for your attention; it makes us stronger and acts as our ultimate energizer!

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