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GKhair 10 Year Anniversary: Passport to Success Caribbean Cruise

GKhair 10 year anniversary,

White sand beaches, clear Caribbean water, sunshine and the GKhair worldwide team. This is how GKhair celebrated its’ 10 year Anniversary. On February 23rd, 2017 the GKhair cruise set sail from the Port of Miami to the islands of Grand Turk in Turks & Caicos.

GKhair has always believed in the importance of bringing the entire team together annually to inspire each other by sharing their talents, success, and achievements. This type of collaboration helps to motivate and inspire new innovative ideas. We love to empower our team to be creative and this helps us achieve outstanding results.


In 2017 the group had the opportunity to celebrate together 10 Years of GKhair; today distributed in over 70 countries by more than 400 distributors.

GKhair quotes,

Van Tibolli, CEO and Founder of GKhair started the company in 2007. From the start Van has been an innovator in “the science of hair.” His concept is very simple; develop and create the best products by using the highest quality ingredients available in the hair care industry. GKhair’s superior hair care products are produced by extensive research and development to deliver beautiful, healthy and tamed hair. GKhair continuously invests in GKhair’s signature Hair Taming System with Juvexin, and the full line of aftercare products and styling accessories, which work hand in hand to provide the necessary tools for the salon professional and consumer to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

Gkhair, THe best keratin treatment,


The innovation doesn’t stop here, some of the newest developments by Van Tibolli; includes a GKhair Phone Application with a secure login for distributors, salon owners and end users of GKhair products. This development will facilitate salons and clients to easily find GKhair products near them through the convenient Salon Pick Up option. In addition to the GKhair application, a free eCommerce platform; TIBOLLI.NET was also launched to support business owners to grow their business by expanding their online presence ultimately creating more awareness for their individual businesses. will offer a FREE mobile app, pricing per country, multilingual functionality and specific product visibility per country.

“We are trying to connect the end user to the salon and salon to distribution partners,” Tibolli said. “What is happening with e-commerce trends is happening extremely fast, if we don’t unite we could get left behind.”

There are many more exciting things in progress with new the advanced hair care line for professionals and home use. We will advance looking forward to the next 10 years together.

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