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Featured Post from GKhair Educator Shakira Clark – Goodbye Frizz!

Below is a featured post from our GKhair Educator Shakira Clark on how to fight frizz. Enjoy!

Understanding Your Textures

  • To fight frizz, it is important to understand where the problem is coming from and understanding textures…Does your client have fine, medium or coarse hair?? Usually with coarse hair, you may notice more frizz. However, if the client has chemically treated hair, those FRIZZ concerns could be from some different factors; such as split ends, breakage & shedding. These factors can become a major cause in the reasons of WHY you or your client may have a case of the “frizzies”.

Here are a few ways to correct your “FRIZZ” Problem:

Cutting Essentials

  • A well-balanced hair cut is essential to saying goodbye to that “FRIZZY” hair~with a great cut you remove dead, brittle & dry ends from the hair, now creating more life and bounce to once was limp hair.

 Quality Products

  • It is important to use QUALITY products; cheap isn’t always the best way to go! You want your clients to be at ease and have confidence in their hair even after they leave the salon. You want to share with them  the importance of  moisturizing  the hair and how that will aid in a more healthier scalp as well as more manageable hair~Here is a great product that I would recommend:
  • GKhair Serum with Juvexin its light weight , enriched with Juvexin & Argan Oil that goes in to RESTORE & REPLENISH your clients hair; eliminates frizz, tames those fly aways, and provides beautiful sheen & shine!

Check Your Tools!

  • Selecting quality tools can also aid against frizz. When blow drying damp hair try using a vent brush; it will allow better air flow to the hair and less tension. When smoothing out the hair use small subsections for control, and a tapping method to release the heat from the flat-iron when moving close to the scalp. Instead of a metallic plate iron, try a titanium plated iron expect far more even & diffuse heating along with smooth handling. Place on lower heat and work the flat-iron through the hair.


I recommend  the GK Titanium D600, has a flash quick heat up time, titanium plates that infuse moisture back into the hair, customizable temperature control, and LED display.

Last, ALWAYS remember to remind your client to wrap their hair with a silk or satin scarf at night to keep that moisture in~with these simple steps you are well on your way to a healthier hair BEGINNING!

Special Message From Shakira :

Thanks for reading Straight2ThePoint with Shakira V. Clark ~I hope that you enjoyed these small beauty tips to healthier hair! If you have a topic that you would like to hear about, email Shakira @

I look forward to hearing from you soon !  Happy Taming =)

Shakira V. Clark , Gkhair Educator

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  1. I would like to try out the GKhair serum to help me with my frizz and also build my hair up as i have very fine hair and would do anything to get it strionger and healthier in order to have more thicker hair 🙂

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