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Emblaze Your Bridal Hairdo with the Right Style and Jewels

It must sound as a cliché, but it is true that every woman dreams of an extravagant wedding. Extravagance has different definitions depending on each person though, but a solemn event such as a wedding should be beautiful and perfect. In a woman’s life, this very special day comes once in a lifetime and it is the day where one of the most significant vows are made and delivered. With this very reason, the bride chooses the perfect wedding gown to shine the aisle, along with the perfect make-up, gems and of course, hairstyle.

emblaze-your-bridal-hairdo-with-the-right-style-and-jewelsIt is absolutely unimaginable walking down the aisle with your morning hair or with that weird-looking frizz that looks like you haven’t heard of a brush! Hairstyle gives an enormous impact to a person’s outer appearance. It can either make or break your entire look. That is why on a very important day like one’s very own wedding, the hairstyle and the stunning accessories that go with it should be something very remarkable. Yes, it must be remarkable and truly worth remembering not only to the bride herself, but also to each and every person part of this very special day.

A wedding is definitely not the kind of memory that would easily fade away. The groom and the bride would have their photos taken, probably hundreds of it. You would want every moment to be treasured. Years after the wedding, you would go back to your old wedding photos to reminisce your life’s greatest moment. With this being said, it is only reasonable that the bride’s hairstyle should be classic and timeless. Something that will look glamorous even after so many years! Soft waves, braids and curly updo’s are just some of the classic hairstyles that never fade. A beautiful classic hairdo won’t be as unforgettable without the hair jewelry that goes with it. Too much hair accessories is of course, a big no-no. You wouldn’t want the accessories to be the center of attention! Hair gems and accessories are meant to amplify the entire glamour bridal look for it to look more elegant and majestic. If the bride opts for a bit of glimmer, then she can go for hair pieces that have pieces of Swarovski gems or diamonds. These gems would look stunning under chandelier lights. On the other hand, if the bride opts for something more vintage and solemn, a hair accessory with pearls is the one ever needed for this look. Both pearls and gems would look ravishing in any classic hairdo. But of course, if you would like something more unique and different, there are tons of choices out there that you can pick from. Always remember, that hairstyle and hair accessories can either make or break you. Some hair accessories do not go so well with certain hairstyles. Just don’t forget to consult your professional hairstylist for you to avoid making a mistake ruining your bridal look by wearing the wrong choice of accessory.

The perfect hair accessory also serves as a symbolical piece of jewelry that will define that once in a lifetime magical moment. Make the people who became a part of your wedding, as well as your groom, remember every beautiful detail you wore in your wedding day. Most importantly, wear that blooming smile and make every single person present in your wedding day feel the love you have for your one and only!

As we are approaching Wedding Season, GKhair created this refined hairstyle to inspire beautiful brides and talented stylists by finding the perfect balance between the style and the accessory. This hairstyle has a luxurious feel, and finds its inspiration in Middle East’s sumptuous and opulent Wedding Traditions. This elegant and subtle Hair Jewelry comes as the perfect finishing touch to the hairstyle.

GKhair Styling products and tools have allowed the artist to achieve this astonishing look so no one would ever forget this bride. Create this look with GKhair 4 in 1 Curling Iron and use GKhair Sweet Mix – GKhair Serum and Leave-in-Cream – before blow drying. Finish with GKhair Strong Hold Hairspray.

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