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How To Hollywood Glam- Step By Step

Whether it’s a girl’s night out or red carpet gala, finger waves will easily award you with extra applause for any occasion. Finger waves are the ultimate “Hollywood Glam” look that can be achieved by following these steps below. One can start with curled hair for more voluminious style or straight hair for a sleek refined look.

Popular among brides and prom-goers, finger waves have become an iconic technique that will not be going anywhere soon.

Here are steps to create these classic Hollywood Glam finger waves.

Step One

The good thing about this style is it doesn’t need any preparation and can be done with curled or straight hair.

step 1

Step Two 

In this step you have to create an offset Mohawk like section while staying above the occipital bone.

Step Three

Hairspray plays an important part of this step to shape a smooth hair surface. Using a ponytail holder section #1 is secured. Offset to one side and create a sleek surface using GKhair Strong Hold Hairspray.


Step Four

In this step hair is sectioned securing ¼ of the ponytail. In order to create volume and texture in the rest of the ponytail, backcombing technique is used.

Step Five

By releasing the secure section, create a smooth sleek surface on the top of the textured part of ponytail.


Step Six

Now you have to flip all of the hair forward from the section created in the very first step (section #1). Secure it with a ponytail side to side with the help to Bobbie pins.

Step Seven

Here you have to flip back the first section into its original position while securing and tucking the ends with help of Bobbie pin. This will also form the shape.


Step Eight & Nine

Curl the second section (section #2) into smaller subsections in the same direction using GKhair 4-in-One Curling Iron.

In these final steps make a finger wave retaining the ‘S’ formation by combing out according to your artistic sense.


There you go with the classic Hollywood waves or finger waves or Hollywood Glam, whatever you call it but it would give you a go-get-noticed look for sure.

Hollywood Glam

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