The New Dry Shampoo is Finally here!!

The New Dry Shampoo is Finally here!!

We cannot tell you how excited we are that the Dry Shampoo has finally arrived! This is the perfect solution for women who are constantly on-the-go. Use it after the gym or in between washes to refresh your hair style and create volume at the roots for hair that is full of health and body!

-Soaks up oils in the hair
-Leaves hair looking fresh
-Adds volume to the roots.
-Fortified with Juvexin!
-Tames frizz and fly aways
-Prevents flaking and dandruff
-Creates a freshly washed look

Pump Up The Volume

Whether we want smooth and straight locks or bouncy curls, we all want body and volume. When styling hair and adding products your hair can become weighed down and may look flat. There a few ways to get volume and body no matter how you style your hair.


Tease a little

With a teasing comb or a fine tooth comb you can create some volume at the root. Take small sections and back comb from a third of the way down the hair shaft to the root. The key to teasing is to do a little at a time and gently comb out to smooth and soften.


Using a light hold spray at the root will create some volume as the hair will not lay flat and smooth. Remember to spray the hair in sections and not directly where it will be seen, for example spray underneath the top layer.

Dry Shampoo or Powder Spray

Using a dry shampoo or powder spray not only soaks up oil but creates some body and volume at the root. Remember to apply little by little, you can always add more but you can not get it out without washing.

If your look is smooth and sleek , wavy or curly, create body and volume with these tips.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

Secrets of Hiding Dirty Hair

Although some of us wash our hair everyday, others every other day and some only once or twice a week; we would all like to hold off on washing for at least an extra day.. Not only would this save time in getting ready but also helps in preserving color or any leave in treatments. The following tips and tricks help to hide and disguise oily, greasy looking hair so that you can go that one extra day without washing.


  1. Dry Shampoo: This quick fix is virtually effortless and actually works. Although it does not clean your hair, it certainly gives a freshly washed appearance. Applying dry shampoo to your roots will soak up oils and then brushing your hair will create a smoother, softer look with less separation.
  2. Baby Powder: Known for a few different uses, haircare is not one so commonly know. When used correctly this product is a great hair tool. Baby powder instantly soaks up hair oils. When using, gently sprinkle onto roots, the trick is a little at a time; more can always be added but it can not be taken away without washing. When using on dark hair, be careful to use only a small amount, you do not want to create a dull grey-ish look; sprinkle into your palms first, and then tap onto your roots.
  3. Headbands: Although head bands draw attention to the area we are trying to conceal; they will cover what we want to hide and show off the rest of your look and themselves. Decorative headbands with embellishments such as feathers, sequins and bows are the most affective; they add an exciting feature that will take any focus off of oily roots.
  4. Updo’s: Bringing your hair back tends to disguise an oily look; softer updo’s are more affective than a severe pony tail. Updo’s actually work best with slightly dirty hair as they hold better. Soft tousled slightly messy updo’s that require little effort disguise oily greasy looking hair.

These tricks will help to conceal dirty hair on your hair-washing off-days, but just remember these quick fixes should only be used for a day or two.

Do you have any secrets to hide oily hair?

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK