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Brides & Braids Inspiration

5 Amazing Up do’s using GKhair Styling Products.

Here are some fantastic hair updo’s created by some super talented artists using GKhair Juvexin Styling line for Modern Salon’s brides and braids contest.


Style # 1 by Karina Kotok
1. Start by applying the GKhair VolumizeHer Spray throughout damp hair to create weightless volume in your hair and for protecting them from heat and styling tools. Then apply the GKhair Serum on ends to smooth before proceeding to blow dry.

2. Curl the hair by wrapping them in wand style using the 4-in-One GKhair curling Iron that is ideal for any type of curl creation. Open each curl individually to gentle stretch horizontally.

3. Section your hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head and attach a hair filler to add further volume. Then tease the hair about 2 inches back from the hairline.

4. Attach an extention to the left side with a generous amount of GKhair Serum Make an 8-strand braid by weaving each section over and under other sections. Then Pancake the braid on one side to create a tiara. (Make sure you secure the tiara with bobby pins)

5. Pin the remaining hair on the sides to create a half-up style.

6. Use the GKhair StrongHold Hairspray to add body, strength and an instant shine to complete the look.

* A headpiece or accessory can be added for a touch of glam!

Style # 2 by Detra Smith
1. Prep the hair with GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo which is designed especially for normal to dry and colored hair types.

2. Smoothen the hair with GKhair Cashmere and set them with the a 1in Curling Iron like GKhair 4 in ONE Curling Iron.

3. Release and separate curls at the nape. For added fullness attach clip-in extensions.

4. Twist nape section to one side and pin into place with curls cascading over the shoulder.

5. Release curls in the crown and create 3-4 braids. Twist and pin them randomly, leaving ends to lay over the previous side curls.

6. Smooth the hair from the opposite side and pin to the crown.

7. Release front section. Twist and pin hair randomly in the direction of the long side. Spray with GKhair StrongHold Hairspray and Dry Oil Shine Spray to hold the hair style in place and to give it a triple shine finish.

*Style with a hair accessory if desired.


Style # 3 by Saretta Bowerman


  1. Prep your hair with a texture iron on the first 4 inches of base.
  2. Create 2 horizontal rectangular ponytails in the back of the head leaving out 1.5’’ of the hairline.
  3. Curl hair in ponytails with a 1.25” Curling Iron like GKhair 4-in-One Curling Iron and mist with the GKhair LightHold Hairspray for a manageable hold and Instant shine.
  4. Pin hair cushion between the 2 ponytails.
  5. Add extensions around the hair cushion.
  6.  Pin hair onto and around cushion by doing a curl & twist ‘’pushing’’ the curl up the section.
  7.  Create a pulled-out fishtail French braid in the front (leaving out soft fringe) then Pin the braid under the curly bun.
  8. Finish with the GKhair StrongHold Hairspray & Dry Oil Shine Spray for added shine and a powerful hold.

Style # 4 by Yulia Tyan


  1. Prep the hair with GKhair VolumizeHer Spray at the roots to create maximum volume.
  2. Part the hair into 3 sections: Horizontal from ear to ear through the crown, 2 side sections making part on the right side.3. Add a hair extension.4. Create curls with a 1-inch flat iron like GKhair D600 on the bottom section and spray with the GKhair LightHold Hairspray creating a flexible hold for curls.

    5. Make 3 small ponytails on the surface of the curls and create braids. Start loosening up 5 loops from one side of the braid, then 5 loops on the other side; continue to the end. Repeat steps on all braids.

    6. Create 4 on-base twists on the right section, loosen.

    7. Separate left section into two parts: horizontal and vertical. Create a Dutch braid from horizontal section. Pin it over top of the braided ponytails. (Add hair piece)

    8. Create Dutch braid from the horizontal section, place it over hairpiece and hide the end under firs Dutch braid.

    9. Place another hairpiece over curled hair and loosen curls using a texture spray.

    10. Finish the look with GKhair StrongHold Hairspray to add body and shine to the overall look.


Style # 5 Shelley Gregory

  1. Shampoo & Condition the hair with the GKhair Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner that block the possible hair damages while keeping your hair free from harsh chemicals.
  2. Apply the GKhair VolumizeHer to add weightless volume to the hair and to protect from heat damage. Then add a touch of Serum to the hair to smoothen.
  3. Blowdry using the GKhair Feather Light Blow dryer and the GKhair Orange Round Brush to create smooth sleek body during the blow dry.
  4. Apply GKhair Dry Shampoo to the roots to add some texture and freshen up the hair look.
  5. Curl hair with a 1.5- inch Iron and spray with the GKhair LightHold Hairspray for a manageable hold and instant shine.
  6. Tease entire crown are.
  7. Add hair extensions. Three wefts: one in front left, one in front right and one in the middle back.
  8. At the nape, make three small ponytails. Smoothen with the GKhair Shaping Wax leaving a soft yet structured finished.
  9. Taking one ponytail at a time, tie with a hairband and place it a third of the way down the ponytail, then turn the ponytail inside itself and pull the sides to create fullness. Do this twice more down the ponytail, to each ponytail.
  10. Add jewel band with pins.
  11. Wrap entire section with ponytails into a chignon and secure with pins onto base of ponytails.
  1. Spray with GKhair StrongHold Hairspray and Dry Oil Shine Spray to fight frizz and deliver intense shine throughout the day.
  2. Add additional jewels for added bling.

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