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Bangs Are Back

Bangs, or a fringe as they are also known as, might remind you of childhood memories related to awful haircuts. But bangs are back; long or short and everything in between. The biggest trend is a blunt cut bang, either long or short. This look can be worn polished or slightly messy and wispy.


  • Face Shape: oval, heart and diamond shaped faces suit any style bang but round and squared shaped faces need a face framing cut with bangs to avoid a box like look.
  • Forehead Size: bangs that are side swept, rather than blunt, create a more appealing look for smaller foreheads.
  • Facial Features: bangs will accentuate facial features such as eyes, nose, and chin.


Keep these tips in mind when considering cutting bangs, and always consult your stylist for an expert opinion.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

Image Credits: Noir Facade Studded Hearts Fashionising

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