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What Is Balayage Hair And why Is It So Popular?

Balayage hair is in vogue for quite a while. This timeless technique, balayage, is one of the most popular hair color requests these days in different salons. Our leading experts at GKhair have come up with some insights into this thriving hair trend and what makes balayage hair so popular.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage refers to a French word that means sweeping or painting. In a very simplest way it can be defined as a freehand hair coloring technique that gives a blended natural look having no harsh regrowth lines. It will allow for a sun-kissed natural hair color with soft and less noticeable regrowth. The basic idea is to get more with less while creating multi-tonal finish. Patches of light and shade are used in this technique for creating multiple dimensions of color. If you want to refresh and don’t want that bold color overhaul, this is a great method to opt for.

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How To Apply Balayage?

When you choose to balayage hair, it is painted on the surface of the hair strand and saturated through section until the very tips. This will ensure smooth blended stroke of color. It can also be called a freehand technique and meches or foils are preferably required for creating highlights.

Duration Of Application

Although the multi-tonal, layered balayage takes long as compared to regular color but the benefits of application would make you able to leave longer between your next color appointment. Other factors that affect the time include the stylist’s skill level and client’s hair type.

Different From Traditional Highlights

Balayage hair color is quite different from traditional highlights as it is painted on freehand and at times no foils are used. Therefore, the result is less uniform as compared to typical highlights. If you are going blonder and you are worried about having stripy color after a salon visit, balayage is a sure way to avoid this harsh contrast. The color created is completely bespoke to you and can even be placed in a way to compliment or distract attention away from certain features on your face.

Why Is Balayage Hair Color So Popular?

Years ago, it wasn’t the coloring formula as it is today. This unique formula has not been taught until recent times and the main reason is its wide popularity among the celebrities and the classic look it creates for the red carpet. Some of the most popular celebrities with balayage hair color are Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Amber Heard.

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Maintaining Balayage Hair Color

Since balayage hair color grows out beautifully with no strong regrowth lines, balayage needs less maintenance as compared to the traditional colors. Apart from that it will make you wait longer for next appointment therefore, it’s perfect for those busy, modern women.

Investing in some good quality color care styling products such as GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo are advised to keep your color looking fresh for longer.

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