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5 ‘Must Do’ Things To Know Before Going Silver or Platinum

When it comes to maintaining hair shades, platinum and silver are ranked really high. Therefore, it is important to let your clients know the required upkeep before committing to any transformation. With the advent of new hair lightener formulas that are safe and effective than ever along with new bonding additives, it is now way easier to keep silver or platinum hair strong though the lightening process and beyond. We at GKhair have pinned 5 must do things salon artists should tell their clients before going Silver or Platinum.

  1. Avoid Drugstore Brands

We are all for saving some bucks, but when we talk about colored hair never let the customers think drugstore brands are OK! If your customer wants to invest in her hair, let her invest in the best available options. Always make a sale by recommending your favorite sulfate-free products.

  1. Toning Sessions

Toners last for up to six weeks at the most. So, it is important you make your clients understand to come back in between lightening services to freshen up color.

  1. Recommend Purple Shampoo

All  professional salon artists will always help clients to keep unwanted brassy tones at bay. For this a purple shampoo is a go-to product for every other stylist. But you have to be careful as these shampoos can dry out the hair so it is recommended to use a quality purple shampoo with controlled frequency.

One of experts at GKhair explains, “I always suggest to use the Silver Bombshell Shampoo (purple shampoo). It can be left on for a few extra minutes for more of a cooling effect. Also, I suggest they can come in and get a hot blonde masque.”

She further elaborates, “When I do the pH plus wash  first then give them a hot blonde masque and it gives them a nice cool conditioning.”

GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo, salon artists

  1. Don’t Put Off The Retouch

Many a times your clients are not known for booking follow-ups so don’t be afraid to tell them to wait longer than six months for a possible touch-up. It becomes difficult to lighten the roots to match the ends when grow-out is too long. This happens especially to the clients who have Level 5 or darker. It also causes a lot of damage too.

  1. Dry Shampoo-Your New BFF

There are chances that your clients have already experienced coloring sessions and it’s not the first time they are getting their mane colored. So, they would know the importance of dry shampoo already. But for those who are new to color, salon artists should make sure to advise them not to shampoo hair every day.

GKhair Dry Shampoo, salon artists

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