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4 Products to Boost your Blondes

GKhair’s latest innovation promises to take your blonde hair to the next level!

99 problems, but Blonde issues isn’t one! Thanks to GKhair’s new Blonde Bombshell Series. GKhair’s products are carefully designed for professionals to address all types of Blonde issues.



Problem # 1 – Runny/Messy solutions that leave the hair Dry

Our Solution: GKhair Miami Beach Bombshell Blue Balayage Lightening Powder

This revolutionary clay-based Lightener offers complete control. The magical concentration firms up as it works its magic, which means there’s no mess and you don’t even need to use any foils! Not only that, it also leaves your hair feeling moisturized, soft, supple and healthy!

Problem # 2 – 3 D’s – Dull, Dry, Damaged

Our Solution: GKhair Hot Bombshell Masque

3 problems 1 solution. The GKhair Hot Bombshell Masque is infused with the goodness of Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend plus grape oil, argan oil and lotus flower extracts that boost hair strength and add moisture and shine.  Easy to use, simply mix GKhair Hot Bombshell Masque with hot water and apply. Wash after 5-20 minutes depending on the condition and texture of your hair. The masque has a blue pigmented base that removes unwanted warmth leaving behind pure blonde tones!

Problem # 3 – Unwanted brassiness

Our Solution: GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo

Yellow and oranges taking over your gorgeous pearly tones? Don’t you worry! The GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo cools down your hair and washes away the warmth and brassiness.
An easy solution that can be used as often as your client desires between salon visits.


Problem # 4  – Frizzy grizzly hair

Our Solution: GKhair Miami Bombshell Taming Service

Our Bombshell Taming Service is made for hair that are delicate and need a gentle soothing. This product not only softens hair but it also repairs and strengthens while preventing future breakage.

Blonde problems are a thing of the past now all thanks to the brilliant Bombshell range by GKhair. GKhair Blonde Bombshell series Designed just for Blondes!

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