Learn how to properly blow dry hair.

4 thoughts on “Learn how to properly blow dry hair.

    • Hi Ms Ruby.

      Thanks for your interest in our products. Since we are unaware of any individuals medical history we recommend that you consult with your physician

      • It;s not a medical question? Have you treated women who are pregnant. Being pregnant has nothing to do with a medical history. Where just having a baby. Is your product harmful to normal healthy women who is having a baby? Is any any of the ingredients harmful for a pregnant women? Have you ever done a pregnant women? Does it take with a pregnant women. What are you company thoughts on this.

      • As with any new activities that a pregnant woman may undertake, such as change of diet, excerise or any type of activity, is always recommended that a doctor consultation is involved. Our products follow the regulations of all governing bodies in the countries that they are sold, and we provide MSDS information with all products via our website. (www.gkhair.com) We recommend that pregnant women consult with their doctors prior to any new salon services.

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