Holiday Party Last Minutes

Now that you are ready for your party and stress free with the help of our holiday looks and holiday beauty tips, you may be wondering or worried about what to take to the event you are attending. Here are a few helpful ideas to take another stress out of the holiday season.


You cant ever go wrong with bringing wine to a holiday party, it’s a casual social gift. Although you may wonder what wine to bring based on the host’s preference, do not worry, someone will drink it if they don’t. For a light sweet wine choose a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. When choosing a red wine it can get a little more challenging without knowing the person’s preferences, but I suggest a pinot noir or cabernet.


The perfect compliment to wine is cheese, another great social gift; cutting cheese and sipping wine always takes places during great conversation. When it comes to cheese, bringing a selection is always the best idea. I recommend an aged or sharp cheddar, brie, camembert and Chèvre.


A platter is great to bring to a party, as there are always hungry people and it means that there is one less thing the host has to worry about cooking or ordering. Dip and cracker platters, antipasto platters and fruit platters are popular and generally well liked.


Everyone knows that flowers will brighten any day and any home. Bringing flowers is very thoughtful and sentimental. An arrangement with a wide selection of flowers is detailed yet broad enough to match any home’s décor. Choosing a bouquet of all the same flowers is chic and sophisticated.


Take any of these to a holiday party and the host and guests will all enjoy them.

Emma Ramsey- Style Guru GK

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