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10 Things Salon Artists Want From Every Client

Have you ever wished to hand over your clients a list of rules they have to follow? There are number of things salon artists want their clients to know before even stepping into the salon. Here is a list we have jotted you would love to share with your clients or at least you would want to share with your BFFs in the salon.

  1. Trust The Stylist

It’s salon artists job to make their clients always look their best. There is no doubt about it but if the clients doubt their stylists, the stylists would in turn doubt themselves and their work will suffer. A successful appointment always relies on clear communication and trusting the process.

  1. Punctuality

Salon artists give you appointments based on the schedule they have set according to number of visitors they receive every day. A specific time slot is fixed for each client because they know what time it would take to get a specific job done. The later you show up, the lesser time they would have to work the hair magic.


  1. Refer A Friend

We all want our work to be appreciated and talked about. Don’t keep your good salon artists secret, drop their name and spread the word. It’s invaluable for salon artists to be connected to your network of friends or family.

Refer A Friend

  1. Positive Review

After a good hair service, a stylist is more than happy to see a client satisfied with new look. So, salon artists would love to see some positive reviews shared by happy clients. This shows that you loved the service and you appreciate the hard work by positive business buzzing.

Positive Review

  1. Good Tip

The way a client tips shows how much s/he values the work of a stylist. Best salon artists will always go above and beyond to give you the best result for fair dollar amount. That’s why a tip reflect the quality of time and work.

  1. Invest In Stylist-Recommended Products

Nobody wants to wash hair with dish soap, right? Never let your hair artist’s hard work go waste by using a drugstore product in between salon visits. It will discourage your stylist to go extra mile. The more you invest in your hair, the more your stylists will invest in you.

Invest In Stylist-Recommended Products

  1. Please Don’t Play Hairdresser

It is always recommended to show photos of what you DO and DON’T want in a consultation but please never attempt to speak in hairdresser terms. It will create confusion so it is really important to communicate your needs and wants and salon artist to find perfect solution for you.

  1. Leave Your Kids Home

Your kids are not receiving any salon service so it is better to leave them at home especially during a three-hour color appointment. Kids hate being cooped up and will create a distracting stressful environment for everyone in the salon.

  1. Clear Your Schedule

It’s not a good idea to rush the salon artists causing stress and errors. It happens at times that it takes longer than expected to give optimal results so please give your stylists ample time to keep your hair healthy and happy.

  1. Don’t Forget to Tag On Insta

We want to see your good hair days, so please tag and share! Maybe we’ll even repost you on our page.

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