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The Hair Contest 2019: Are You Ready to Rock?

Calling all the Dreamers & Achievers Andrew Whitworth is a famous American Footballer, once he said, “If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It makes you better.” Do you agree to it? If yes, be ready to compete, the sky is the limit. Compete on every ground, each …

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Manage Your Curly Hair Like A Boss!

Preserve Curly Hair, Curlsdefineher, Curl Cream

If you have curly hair, you can relate to how much of a pain managing them can be. Some leave them be, while others try everything within their power and try to blow out the curls. But what if we tell you those are not your only options? You can …

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Moisturizing & Hydrating Dry Hair

Moisturize & Hydrate, Dyr Hair, Hair Tips

Tired of dry, dull, dehydrated hair? Your hair lack the softness, shine and bounce that you expect from it? This is caused by lack of moisture and proper hydration that your hair need, also excessive washing and blow drying leads to dry hair.  In order to solve your hair problems, GKhair has …

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GKhair in Mane Chance Sanctuary Charity Gala 2017

GKhair, Mane Chance Sanctuary Charity Gala, Charity, Gala, Sponsor, Emerson, London, The Girl Band

GKhair, the leading hair care company in hair smoothing believes in the welfare of humanity. The company’s team participates in different events all around the world to ensure the society’s well-being. CEO, Van Tibolli’s belief in community welfare is very strong and he always tries to play a part in …

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GKhair at Premiere Orlando Event 2017

GKhair, the leading hair-smoothing company, took the Premiere Orlando Event by storm on the two-day beauty affair. The event was held at the Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida, on 4th and 5th of June. It gave GKhair the platform to showcase the brilliant results of its products on beautiful …

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Creating Originality with GKhair Colors

Creating originality is not an amateur’s work because it requires foresight and a colossal amount of creativity and foresight. These elements can only stem from a professional’s intellect. GKhair gives its artists the full rein to bring their best into their creations, and they never fail to amaze us. Here …

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The Best Moisturizing Shampoo for Your Hair

Best moisturizing shampoo

Sometimes it can feel like everything is working against your hair health, like excessive blow-drying and chemical treatments. Heat styling addiction and over-coloring can also damage the hair if you are not taking the proper steps in hair care. And while all of these may be a necessity to make your hair …

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