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The Best Moisturizing Shampoo for Your Hair

Best moisturizing shampoo

Sometimes it can feel like everything is working against your hair health, like excessive blow-drying and chemical treatments. Heat styling addiction and over-coloring can also damage the hair if you are not taking the proper steps in hair care. And while all of these may be a necessity to make your hair …

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GKhair Style – Braid The Way You Want

Fashion is a state of mind. Often long gets short while the number of times, you will notice the opposite phenomenon. We live in a world where trends are constantly changing. Since trends keep on changing there is a need to develop an identity that showcases The Best you! It’s fun …

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Short Hair is So Hot Right Now

GKhair Change Agents share Expert Advice about how to Rock your Short Hair style! “Short hair is so hot right now”! The statement stands true for the hair styling trends that have hit 2016 since the beginning. Short hair has been the in-thing for quite some time now. Be it …

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