GKhair Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are fast approaching and what better gift to give your loved ones than Beautiful Hair.


GKhair Dry Shampoo comes in aerosol form which instantly refreshes styles while gently cleansing scalp without the use of traditional shampoos. The perfect product for women on-the-go whether it’s after the gym, chasing the kids or in between shampoos. GKhair Dry Shampoo will instantly soak up any excess oils and tame frizz and fly-aways while leaving behind a freshly washed look. Ingredients unique to GKhair Dry Shampoo are naturally derived include Juvexin, Natural Plant Starch, Natural Grain Starch and Fruit Seed Extract. $19

GKhair 4in1 Curling Iron Multi-tasking, a skill every woman has learned to embrace. GKhair tries to make every lady’s life a little easier by designing a hair tool that is 4 irons in one! Now you can have soft, supple, long-lasting curls created and enhanced with this 4 IN ONE unique haircare tool! This revolutionary styling necessity is a must have beauty staple for every working woman. $120



GKhair WorkIt Wax For those who want to rock it and lock it on their style, GKhair has constructed the perfect quick-fix! Mold and shift the hair for that dimensional, piecy look with GKhair’s Shaping Wax. This forming wax delivers lightweight, textured, flexible hold that won’t weigh hair down. The formula contains unique fiber strands that set flexibility and distinct separation to hair. GKhair’s Shaping Wax is ideal for sharp short styles or for demanding and forming hold and finish for long hair. The product is fortified with Juvexin® and made with natural beeswax and candelilla wax. $18


GKhair Gel Most men appreciate all-in-one type items, things that are versatile. GKhair offers the ultimate solution to accessible accessories designed just for the mobile man! GKhair Gel creates a variety of looks and styles, dry or wet. The gel is a quick fix to formulating a smooth, sleek, sculpted style that lasts all day without weighing the hair down. Whether you are looking for a hint of sophistication or a sexy and strong appearance, GKhair Gel is the multi-faceted product perfect for dapper, manageable and healthy hair…but with extreme style! $12



GKhair Mini Flat Iron  is a fully functional flat iron that is a perfect fit for any back pack, purse or overnight bag. This tiny tool is created to manage and tame sudden flyaways that develop throughout the day and a perfect asset to take you from day to night. A must have for an impromptu get together after school! $50




B2S Hair Trend Report – By Special Guest Sam Sotos

Sam Sotos reporting from sunny Florida! 2012-2013 school year begins with much anticipation, as we buy new clothes, backpacks, and of course new hair styles. The beginning of the year always starts off as a fashion show! and the best way to stand out is to have the latest hair styles.

Where do they get inspiration from? MTV, ABC Family, Tumblr, and of course celebrities. As a senior in high school the challenge is to put your personal touch on classic hair styles.

One of the top trends is to wear hair accessories.  Some of the hair accessories that I have been seeing around school are bows, thick boho head bands, and hats.

Here is one of the girls wearing a bow in her low pony tail. This is a fun way to make a simple hair style look cute in seconds! This is also a great way to style your hair if you don’t have time to wash your hair. Just add some dry shampoo and tie your hair back.

Another hair style that I have seen around high school is ombre hair. This is a fun and dramatic hair style that is simple to maintain. And all of the celebrities have it!

What is also very hot right now is colored hair. You can find hair with pinks, blues, purples, pretty much every color of the rainbow! Pastel colors are very popular in school.

Long layers are great for all kinds of styles. You can wear your hair curly, straight, and even make them into bangs! Layers are a fun way to have flexibility in your hair styling.

Being in high school there is a lot of pressure to look good and be different but with the new trends in 2012 there are a lot of different styles for girls to choose from.

-Sam Sotos

The Jessica Cut

The Jessica Cut

Love it or hate it Miley Cyrus has a new pixie do which is going to dictate trends. Short haircuts are all about precision and flawless execution, to keep looks sexy and feminine. GKhair shows you how to create this look.

Learn how to properly blow dry hair.

Fish Tail Braid Pompa-do

Fish Tail Braid Pompa-do

We are very Excited to announce the winner of our May Challenge. Keva Davis. Her Fish Tail Pompa-do is beautiful and creative while being simple enough to do at home.

How To-
1. Direct the Hair forward toward the face making sure that the hair is lying smooth.
2. apply GKhair Gel this will give you the extra control that will be needed when you begin your braid.
3. Begin braiding at the base of the head. Make sure to gather the hair as tightly as possible this will pull the hair closer to the scalp creating a tapered look.
4.When you reach the top of the nape begin to braid the hair loosely but securely, this will allow for the braid to be lifted in step 7.
5. Once you have reached the front of the head continue forward with the Fish Tail braid. Braid loosely until hair has been completely braided. Secure with a small hair band.
6. Once the hair has been secured, gently widen the end of braid to your desired width. Be careful not to unravel.
7. Use your GKhair Fine Tooth Comb to lift the mid-section of the braid.
8. After the braid has been lifted, tuck the end of the braid under itself and secure with a bobby pin. Use as may pins as needed to hold the hair in place at the front of the head.
9. Finish your Fish Tail Pompa-do using our GKhair Stronghold Hairspray. Spray liberally to hold braid in place.

Hairstyle created by: Keva Davis – Cincinnati, OH Educator